Darshan's Challenge Leads To War Of 'Woods?

Darshan's Challenge Leads To War Of 'Woods?

1 Feb 21 @ 6:14 PM

The trend of multi-language release has picked up quite a momentum in recent times, with every small to big hero aiming to expand their market in other states. But this trend has now led a Kannada hero's Telugu dubbed release to hit a roadblock. 

Kannada’s big hero and Challenging Star Darshan has locked the date March 11 for the release of his new film Roberrt. But the Telugu distributors have objected to the simultaneous release of the film in Telugu as 4 films - Gaali Sampath, Jaathi Rathnalu, Mosagallu, and Sreekaram are releasing on the same day in Teluguland. 

This irked Darshan and his team, who took it to the notice of the Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce. Speaking to the media, Darshan also pointed out how Tollywood is imposing unwritten conditions to Kannada releases, while they are welcoming Telugu releases wholeheartedly. 

It is a sensitive matter, and both industries need to discuss and solve the issue amicably.

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