Corona Effect - No Bliss To Film Industry?

Corona Effect - No Bliss To Film Industry?

1 Jun 20 @ 7:39 PM | By Team Pycker

Piracy is already a major stumbling block for the film industry which is giving distributors and producers a run for their money. Despite all the efforts put over the years, they failed to take it down. Sadly, piracy has now turned stronger and powerful. Intensifying the blow of piracy, the outbreak of Coronavirus globally has left the entire film industry go into the dark for more than two months. If this continued for long, it might cause severe damage to the industry. Considering the losses incurred, film fraternity made a plea to the government to give exemptions for the shoots. 

After a series of discussions, government finally permitted the shoots. While it is good news, following the 16-pages guideline it issued to grant permission is quite challenging. From wearing masks to following social distancing, there are a lot of norms. It is not hyperbole to say that one feels better to halt the shootings for some more days rather than following all these norms. 

Even though our producers come forward to shell money on the safety measures at shoots, it is still uncertain if they can get back the money after release. To ensure the safety of the audience, theatres are going to have drastic changes in the seating process and the intake of the audience for each show might be reduced to half. Also, people might not throng to theatres as before. The box-office figures we witnessed each day pre-Corona might not be seen even after 2 or 3 days of run in the post-Corona era.

Entertainment is just a part of life, but if it scares life, no one is willing to make it a priority in life. Except for some die-hard fans, most of the neutral audience might not show up at the theatres. This might give power to OTT platforms and piracy sites which are having a peak time due to lockdown. If at all, any sector is hit badly due to Coronavirus, it is the film industry. To get bliss from these losses, the virus should be completely driven out. But, as of now, we have no vaccine in sight to cure it.

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