Theaters Vs OTT Sites - Will Cinema Theaters Revive Their Lost Sheen?

Theaters Vs OTT Sites - Will Cinema Theaters Revive Their Lost Sheen?

15 May 20 @ 1:12 PM | By Divya Nair

Corona Pandemic has given a hard hit to the entertainment industry. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for theater owners as uncertainty looms over the opening of theaters. However, the producers of many films are not magnanimous enough to lend a helping hand to the theaters who had been instrumental in their past successes. They have new friends in town - the OTT sites, with whom they have signed the deals for a direct digital release, forgoing the traditional theatrical release. This betrayal has left the theater owners miffed.

Popular multiplex chain INOX opined that cinemas and content creators had shared mutually beneficial partnership that endured for decades. Instead of respecting the all-weather life-long partnership, makers chose greener pastures. INOX  had requested the makers to shun their fair-weather friends and not skip the theatrical run.

We are sure that with a little restructuring of their over-priced tickets, multiplexes and cinemas would get back their 'temporarily lost patrons' (the moviegoers) as nothing can replace the 'cinematic experience', the pillar around which even content makers had anchored their products, in terms of audio/video effects.

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