Cine industry learns a big lesson - Adapt to survive

Cine industry learns a big lesson - Adapt to survive

23 Sep 20 @ 10:29 AM | By Divya Nair

Corona pandemic has shown the world how vulnerable humans are. The pride and might of the human kind were shattered to bits and pieces as a virus has wrecked havoc on mankind changing his way of life, grabbing away his livelihood and ultimately snatching his life. While many industries bore the brunt of lockdown, one of the overlooked industries is the film industry. Though the industry contributed hugely to the government in the form of taxes during sunny times, considering that we are cruising through a pandemic, entertainment is the least on government's and people's priority list.

So, the film industry too should overcome the hurdles and survive in these tough times. As the lockdown is being lifted in phases, film crew should slowly adapt themselves to the challenging restrictions. Mollywood has proved that it is possible to shoot film even during a lockdown - The edge of the seat thriller C U Soon is the proof. Let producers and teams find new ways to shoot films during a pandemic like how Prithviraj has announced India's first virtual production. We have technology that is handy, so why risk the lives of cast and crew by being obstinate?

Another new change that is going to be the new constant is the OTT platforms.  People have got accustomed to the coziness of watching movies in the comforts of their homes. The producers of even big films have compromised on the fact that it is pointless to wait for things to turn normal and have decided to release the films that may give them atleast a break even - Yes, releasing their finished product on OTT is the new normal. The producers' decision to release biggies like Soorarai Pottru and Laxxmi Bomb must be given a shout-out.

While we may debate that nothing beats a theatrical experience, are films more important than our lives? But, in a life-threatening situation, theaters are the last place people would want to flock to. Just like any industry, the film industry too has its highs and lows. So the film industry should adopt and adapt to new practices to stay alive! This too shall pass!

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