Chiru Lucifer Telugu Title - Offensive Or Creates Positive Buzz?

Chiru Lucifer Telugu Title - Offensive Or Creates Positive Buzz?

14 Dec 20 @ 3:11 PM | By GitacharYa

After... like a million undos and redos, Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Lucifer Telugu remake has its launch date set in stone alongside the confirmation of the director. Mohan Raja who is known for his deft handling of remake subjects seems to have injected confidence into Chiranjeevi's sagging spirits with his narrative skills and remastering of the original script.

In the last couple of days, the title of the film floated in the Tollywood circles. The title looks powerful in general that's apt for a star hero. But these days, everything referencing castes or social groups of people are getting into trouble due to the hurt sentiments. Another question that's on the top of the mind of the fans is whether the caste reference is needed for the film's title.

The original Lucifer is set in the native roots of Kerala where there's an apparent coexistence of Hindu, Muslim, and Christian communities. The title itself is a reference to the Hebrew biblical story of Lucifer which was used as an allegory for the main character Stephen Nedumpally. But the current Telugu title Bairreddy, however powerful it sounds, has no such allegorical value per se.

And even if it remotely hints at the power struggle of a community, it may take a political turn given that Pawan Kalyan is deeply into Andhra Pradesh politics and is coordinating with BJP. Even the current ruling party may not be comfortable with the possible references made to the caste in the film. Moreover, the film starts with the death of a beloved Chief Minister, and making his son the next Chief Minister forms the major plot point of the film. Tricky situation for the makers.

If we think positively, the title looks powerful and is catchy. It can easily create buzz. On the flip side again, it has a raw vibe to it than the sophisticated vibes of the original title. Rather than hinting at a sophisticated political brain game, Bairreddy might sound like a faction film - which itself has become a sensitive topic.

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