12 Best Songs Of Melody Queen Sunitha That You Must Listen To

12 Best Songs Of Melody Queen Sunitha That You Must Listen To

15 Dec 18 @ 10:52 AM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Singer Sunitha has one of the best voices in Tollywood. She has donned various vocal roles since god knows when. She is a dubbing artiste, singer and a anchor. Due to her sweet voice, many film directors have roped her in as the dubbing artiste in their films. Due to her vocal prowess, she won the Prestigious Nandi award eight times. Excepting her most recent one, which she got in the best dubbing category, all of the other seven awards were won in best playback singer category. Although the singer is in late 30s', her voice still retains the freshness that she had when she first debuted with melodious 'Ee Vela Lo Neevu'. To bust your daily stress, listen to the her personal favourite Telugu songs which we've compiled for you on her birthday.

  1. Modalaudaam (Srinivasa Kalyanam)

    Modalaudaam, the song which describes the feelings of both the hero and heroine in the film is one of the best melodic songs of 2018. Sunitha was once again at her best and we can feel the grace of her vocals in this song.

  2. Em Sandeham Ledu (Oohalu Gusagusalade)

    This melodious song from Oohalu Gusagusalade is one of the most trended songs in the year 2014. Sunitha's vocals still feel fresh till today and the song will be one of the favorite songs for the current generation music lovers. Kalyani Koduri has composed this song.

  3. Magha Masam Eppudostundo (Egire Pavurama)

    This is an evergreen hit song of singer Sunitha. The song is shot on Laila and Srikanth in picturesque locales. In the song, the heroine wonders when the magha masam arrives. Magha Masam is considered an auspicious time for marriages.

  4. Ee Velalo Neevu (Gulabi)

    One of the evergreen hit songs of the 1990s which we hum to this day. The song is a slow-paced melody which is quite relaxing. The music is composed by Sasi Pritham and the song was featured in Gulabi. It was shot on J D Chakravarthy & Maheswari. This song is not only her favourite but for many people.

  5. Andhanga Lena (Godavari)

    When Kamalini Mukherjee is miffed with Sumnath's attitude, she imagines a beautiful duet which is shot on both of them on a beach. Sunitha's vocals are at best potential can be seen here. She beautifully depicts Kamalini's emotions. The song's music is provided by K. M. Radha Krishnan.

  6. Idigidigo Na Ramudu (Sri Ramadasu)

    The devotional song is about the greatness of Lord Rama. It is pictured upon Nagarjuna, Sujatha & Sneha. When Ramdasu, who is portrayed by Nagarjuna, visits Bhadragiri, Dammaka narrates the kidnapping of Goddess Seetha. The song is quite slow-paced and is filled with devotional content.

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  8. Pedavi Datani (Thammudu)

    I'm sure every Power Star fan loves this song for it was romantically shot on Pawan Kalyan & Preeti Jhangiani. The song is sung by Ramana Gogula, who also composed the musical score and Sunitha. This beautiful melody is very soothing and takes you to a new world.

  9. Manasemo Cheppina (Yuvaraju)

    Looks like Sunitha is a fan of slow & soothing songs for even this song is slow-paced. This song is shot on Mahesh Babu & Simran. The song is interspersed with the beats of various Indian musical instruments such as Mridangam. Violins & Guitars are used heavily in this song which is composed by Ramana Gogula.
  10. Chandamama Kathalo(Ee Abbai Chala Manchodu)

    This song is quite popular to this day. Ravi Teja & Vani are the ones on whom the song is pictured upon. The melodious tunes were composed by M. M. Keeravani. The song is a duet where the lady conveys that she believes that Ravi Teja is her knight in shining armour.

  11. Aasa Chinni Aasa (Rainbow)

    This is a romantic song which is beautifully shot on Sonal Chauhan. Her glamour compliments Sunita's soft vocals. The song isn't known to many as the film under-performed at the box office and failed to get any recognition. However, this song is something to watch out for when one is seeing this film.

  12. Kudi Kannu Adhirene (Swarabhishekam)

    Kudi Kannu Adhirene is a Sunitha song in the combination of S. P. Balu. The lyrics were penned by K. Vishwanath, the director who gave Tollywood many evergreen hits such as Shankarabaram andSwayamkrushi. Paarthasaarathi composed the tunes for this song.

  13. Alanati Ramachandrudu (Murari)

    This song is often used on auspicious occasions, especially at marriages and is sung by Sunitha, Jikki & Sandhya. The beautiful lyrics have been penned by Sirivennela Seetaramasastry. The song is beautifully pictured upon Mahesh Babu and Sonali Bendre.