16 Tollywood Celeb Pairs Who Have Shared A Strong Bond Of Friendship

16 Tollywood Celeb Pairs Who Have Shared A Strong Bond Of Friendship

15 Oct 18 @ 2:18 PM

Friendship is an inexplicably strong bond. They are formed over various factors. Sometimes over a cup of coffee or by a chance encounter or even by a film. To delve deeper, Telugu Cinema has united many people together with the bond of friendship. To honour the nobility of friendship, we've compiled the list of Tollywood friends who have become inseparable over the course of time.  

  1. Sree Vishnu and Nara Rohit

    Nara Rohit and  Sree Vishnu are friends from the early ages when they both met each other at dance classes and in no time they became good friends and the bonding between them continued till date irrespective of Hits and Flops. They both acted together in four films. Nara Rohit did a cameo in Appatlo Okkadundevdu which starred Sree Vishnu in the lead role, the movie was produced by Sree Vishnu's wife Prashanthi. Sree Vishnu is said to be the key to the successful scripts done by the Rohit. Nara Rohit is also played a cameo in Sree Vishnu's film Needi Naadi Oke Katha whichhit the screens on 23 March 2018.

    Nara Rohit and Sree Vishnu
    Nara Rohit
    Nara Rohith Sree Vishnu
  2. Sai Dharam Tej and Naveen Krishna

    Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej and hero Naveen Krishna son of veteran actor Naresh are the best buddies from their childhood. Their friendship got started in Chennai when their houses are next to each other. Their bonding got strong when they are back to Hyderabad. They are the craziest friends in the Tollywood, they spend most of the time together when they are free and chill out playing cricket. Sai Dharam Tej never misses a chance to promote Naveen's Films. Sai Dharam Tej's Inttelligent co-starring Lavanya Tripathi is all set for a grand worldwide release on 9th February.

    Sai Dharam Tej and Naveen Krrishna
    Sai Dharam Tej
  3. Rana Daggubati - Allu Arjun - Ram Charan Tej

    These trios are good friends. Although they haven't starred together in one flick together, they became friends through their filmy families. When Rana's grandfather, renowned producer Ramanaidu passed away, Rana grieved his death and broke down inconsolably when Ram Charan came to condole him. And one needn't elaborate on the friendship of Allu Arjun & Ram Charan. They were inseparable since childhood.

    Rana - Allu Arjun - Ram Charan
    Rana - Allu Arjun - Ram Charan
  4. Ram Charan and Sharwanand

    Their friendship began in school when they were in the 7th grade. Sharwanand and Cherry have talked about their friendship in many of their interviews referring each other as their best friend. As they say that any friendship will become permanent after 7 years of existence, Sharwa claims that they crossed that barrier long back. There are certain friendships in Tollywood that are beyond any family background, community-based affinities and any other. Charan and Sharwa are one among them.​
    Ram Charan Sharwanand
  5. Taapsee Pannu and Lakshmi Manchu

    Lakshmi Manchu is the first producer of Taapsee, after the first movie together they have become good friends. Not just on the movie sets, these two are seen hanging out in several parties and family functions. Even at Manoj’s wedding related events, Taapsee was seen hanging with Lakshmi while no other celeb was invited. A look at their Facebook page will explain how close they are.
    Tapsee Pannu Manchu Lakshmi
  6. Samantha Ruth and Neeraja Kona

    One is a heroine and another is a fashion designer but share a great bond of friendship. Neeraja is the personal stylist of Samantha. Though professionally they work together a lot, their friendship is far beyond the just professional. They are present in each other’s life events or family functions. Samantha and Neeraja often flaunt their friendship on their social network pages. These two have proved that friendship is not about ranks and status but the closeness of the hearts.

    Samantha Ruth and Neeraja Kona
    Samantha Ruth and Neeraja Kona
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  8. NTR Jr. and Rajiv Kanakala

    After acting together in Student No. 1, NTR Jr. & Rajeev Kanakala became very good friends. It is worth mentioning that Rajeev was cast in a negative role & NTR was the hero of the film. Although they were separated by their polar opposite roles, they became good friends. Like Pawan Kalyan, NTR also tries to cast Rajeev in a crucial role in his flicks.

    NTR Jr.- Rajiv Kanakala
    NTR Jr.- Rajiv Kanakala
  9. Prabhas and Gopichand

    Prabhas & Gopichand were cast in polar opposite roles in Varsham. While Prabhas was the hero, Gopichand was a crazy villain. Post-Varsham, both became good friends and have chilled out at every available chance. Prabhas graced whatever audio launch he could attend of Gopichand's. That shows their strong friendship.

    Prabhas - Gopichand
    Prabhas - Gopichand
  10. Pawan Kalyan and Ali

    Ever since they met on the sets of Tholi Prema, Power Star & Comedian Ali became good friends. And since then Pawan Kalyan made sure that Ali got cast in some or the other role in his film. At many public occasions, Pawan Kalyan has acknowledged how important Ali is to him. He also said that he feels a film is incomplete without Ali. Such is the power of friendship, I guess.

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  12. Jagapathi Babu and Arjun Sarja

    Ever since the duo teamed up for the shooting of Hanuman Junction, both Jagapathi and Arjun turned real-time friends and started visiting each other's homes once in a while. Whenever Arjun visits Hyderabad, he makes sure to visit Jagapathi's house and have lunch in his house and so Jagapathi who goes to Arjun's home on his Chennai trips. Arjun also shared that he has a strong emotional bonding with Jagapathi Babu's mother and family. Just like in the movie Hanuman Junction, their friendship in real life also stays unbreakable beyond egos.

    Arjun Jaggu
    Arjun Jaggu
    Arjun Sarja Jagapati Babu
  13. Srikanth and Sivaji Raja

    These two have done a lot of movies together and entertained audience well. Even off screen, these two share a very strong friendship. There are several occasions where these two stars are seen hanging out in public events relating to movie and others. Even in serious interests like philanthropic activities, ​these two share a common opinion. These two have initiated humanitarian acts like blood donation camps and helping orphan children etc. Together these two were also spotted in several philanthropic events serving the needy.
  14. Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna

    Megastar Chiranjeevi and Akkineni Nagarjuna are best pals in the industry. They make everyone awe with their laughter and chit chats. Despite being big actors, both of them hang out​ and share light moments mostly in events. Even their families maintain very good relations with each other. Their friendship is quite obvious through their speeches at the film events.
  15. Trivikram and Sunil

    Brought together by misery, Trivikram Srinivas & Sunil Varma were batchmates who came to Hyderabad to pursue earn a living in Tollywood. They shared the same room & roamed around different studios to secure a chance. Sunil established some connections in the tinsel town and recommended Trivikram to others. Due to the talent, both of them succeeded in making a career in the filmy world. Their friendship never wavered even after their respective success and still working together in their respective second leases of life. 

    Trivikram Srinivas Sunil
  16. Ravi Teja and Puri Jagannadh

    Ravi Teja's career got boosted due to Puri Jagannadh. Their friendship started with Itlu Sravani Subramanyam which gave Ravi Teja the big break he was looking for. Some of the career's best hits were given by Puri. Their strong friendship is one of the main reasons for their successful combination. It is generally said in the industry that when these two are on the sets, the atmosphere is more lively and fun. Not only on the movie sets but often, they hang out together outside.

    Ravi Teja Puri
    Ravi Teja Puri
    Puri Jagannadh Ravi Teja
  17. Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas

    Pawan Kalyan & Trivikram became friends after working together on two projects which were Jalsa & Attarintiki Daredi. These two were brought together by their simplicity & like-mindedness. Trivikram recently honoured their friendship by penning a emotional poem about Power Star.

    Trivikram Srinivas Pawan Kalyan
  18. Srinu Vaitla and VV Vinayak

    One man is known for action entertainers and the other is for comedy, both have made their marks in the Tollywood industry. The friendship between these two directors started way back in 1993, at the beginning of their film careers in Rajamundry. As they shared in an interview these two met first on the shoots of Abbayigaru. Srinu Vaitla was the associate director for that movie and VV Vinayak joined there to learn from the director E. V. V. Satyanarayana. Since then they have been best buddies, roommates, and colleagues. The way they address each other Bava, explains the closeness they have.

    Vinayak Vaitla
    Vinayak Vaitla
    V. V. Vinayak Srinu Vaitla
  19. Kota Srinivasa Rao and Babu Mohan

    Their friendship began from the movie ‘Bobbili Raja’, which was the first film in their combination. This combo was one of the best-clicked comedy combinations of all time. Their screen presence made the audience laugh their guts out. These two have acted in many movies together, not just on the screen but even off-screen, they have shared good friendship. Babu Mohan considers Kota as his elder brother and also a guru in some aspects of acting.

    Kota Babu Mohan
    Kota Babu Mohan
    Kota Srinivasa Rao
  20. Bapu and Ramana

    This duo gave some of the best movies of all time in Telugu film history. They became friends in childhood and they continued their friendship over time. Their collaborations often produced some of the best films like Muthyla Muggu, Mr. Pellam, and the path-breaking Sampoorna Ramayanam. Ramana breathed his last while they were working for Sri Rama Rajyam movie in 2011. A depressed Bapu completed the direction and he too left the world to join his friend. The man on the left is Ramana & the man next to him is Bapu.

    Bapu Ramana
    Bapu Ramana