Celebrities And The Dangerous Trend Of Slut-Shaming Them!

Celebrities And The Dangerous Trend Of Slut-Shaming Them!

6 Feb 20 @ 12:35 PM | By Nancy Gupta

A new decade has started and it is time to move on and leave some of the negative things behind us! And among such negative things are 'Body-Shaming' and 'Slut-Shaming'. This is a common problem, not only among celebrities, but many women face it in their day to day lives. There have been so many cases where the body-shamed victims commit suicide and there is no end to this.

Some call it bullying, but it is actually something far more than that. It is slut-shaming, the practice of making a girl or woman feel guilty for expressing one of the most natural human instincts – ‘sexuality'. Often we come across the news that celebs are being trolled and shamed for 'exposing' so much! But it truly lies in the hands of women. It is their choice how to present themselves.

One may call it modernization, or the effect of westernization, but the trend of ‘flaunt what you have got’ is growing all over the world. Some of the celebrities get away with it, while some have to face slut-shaming, body shaming, name-calling, trolling and what not!

It's sexist because the thing about slut-shaming is that it only happens to women. Slut shaming can also be defined as – using women’s sexuality against her as a weapon to dominate them or control them. People often criticize rape victims questioning their way of styling and dressing. But to say that women’s certain appearance encourages rape culture is highly questionable.

Is there anything wrong with slut-shaming? The answer is EVERYTHING! It all has to do with our society's perception about the fairer gender. Showing skin is solely a woman’s choice, and we as a society shouldn’t have a say in this. Especially, the netizens who are looking for something to get hooked on, to troll, and to shame the others. South Indian lady superstar Nayanthara was publicly slut shamed by a noted senior actor who chastised her for playing Goddess Sita in one of her previous films despite being a glamorous diva.

Recently Priyanka Chopra was immensely trolled for her Grammys' 2020 dress. PeeCee whose fashion game is always on point was mercilessly trolled by those who think that she is misrepresenting Indian culture on global arena. While PeeCee didn't speak on this, many celebrities joined in the conversation. The debate was sparked that if PeeCee chose such dress for the event, it was her sole choice and no one else’s, not even netizens should have a say in that, either supporting or against it, we must not have a say in that. We can express our opinion like everyone has a right to, but crossing the line is unacceptable.

K-Pop star Sulli too became the victim of this. Sulli, an outspoken soul who was ahead of her times was shamed and trolled quite often. This led her to do the heinous crime! She took her own life. And another life subjected to the cyber-bullying and slut-shaming.

However, we must consider from trollers' point of view. Even when trolling they are expressing their opinion and when celebrities know that they will be shamed or trolled for their choice of outfit, why they still do it? Is it just an expression of being rebellious? Or a publicity stunt? One thing which is often seen is celebrities facing wardrobe malfunction due to their choice of bold outfits. Why risk something that we are not sure of or committed to. By saying this we don't encourage online criticism, slut-shaming or cyber bullying. But here is another look at the way things are now.

Expose too much and you're a slut, dress fully then you're 'Behenji'. There is no pleasing of people. No matter what celebs do, they are always judged and shamed. But what celebs can do is let the troll speak, because having an opinion behind the screens have become common, and there is no way to stop it. Celebs should not let trolls get into their heads and hurt them. Let the negative air flow, but one should always dwell in positivity surrounding him/her.

Slut-shaming is grounded in the belief that men get to assert themselves, and women should not.  It may be getting a lot of attention these days, but slut-shaming is really just a new way of signifying old-fashioned sexism and misogyny.

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