BUZZING HOT: Young Actress and her UNBELIEVABLE Demands!

BUZZING HOT: Young Actress and her UNBELIEVABLE Demands!

2 Apr 21 @ 11:22 AM | By Bindu & Jilani

Talent and beauty are just not enough to excel as an actor in the film industry. Discipline plays an important role, and one should not let success get into the head. But many times, young actors these days fail to realize this and end up digging their own graves. The reason to discuss this now is because of unwanted attitude issues by a young actress who recently made her film debut.

The blockbuster success helped her gain a massive fan base, especially among the youth. It is reported that the craze has made her lose her wits. According to the industry buzz, not only the young beauty is quoting a whooping Rs 1 Cr remuneration, but is also demanding makers to pay some amount to her mother who accompanies her to the sets. Sounds odd, right? Well, this certainly has become one of the hot topics in Teluguland. Her constant and unjustified demand has irked the makers/ production houses too.

As the saying goes, make hay while the sun shines, it is no wrong to make money when one is in demand, but insisting makers to fulfill her demands time and again might only cost her a fortune, and eventually slack off her offers.

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