Best Short Films Of Raj Tarun That You Can't Afford To Miss

Best Short Films Of Raj Tarun That You Can't Afford To Miss

1 Mar 18 @ 10:32 AM

Before Raj Tarun became a mainstream actor, he was a short film actor. He acted in 52 short films before landing a role in Uyyala Jampala, which is a story for another time. And, he sure knows how to act for a guy who didn't want to become an actor. Despite his relatively unknown genesis, Raj Tarun has managed to eke out a name for himself in Tollywood. To help you know him better, we've amassed a list of his most viewed romantic short films which shed some light on his humble beginnings.

  1. Love At First Sight

    Love at First Sight is more of a comedy than romance. Raj Tarun is a single guy who is idling away his time at a bus stop. There, he sees an attractive woman and decides to profess his love for her. He thinks of different ways to propose her and finally settles on the most favorable approach. However, he never gets to do so due to a hilarious situation. Watch the film to know what that situation is.
  2. Sambar Idly

    Raj Tarun is, once again, a single guy who is at a temple with his friend. There, he sees a beautiful woman in a traditional attire. Unable to control his feelings, he goes ahead and proposes to her. What happens next forms the rest of the film. The ending is heart-warming and both the lead actors emoted their feelings perfectly.
  3. The Blind Date

    Raj Tarun goes on a blind date with a glamorous woman. Unfortunately, for him, she is of a different stratum and is totally incompatible for him. Surprisingly, the girl tolerates his idiosyncrasies. Why she entertains this misfit is a question that is answered at the end of the film. Their inner thoughts are bound to make you laugh.
  4. Two Side Love

    Raj Tarun is at a railway booking counter when he meets a woman to whom he is instantly attracted to. However, he doesn't get to know her name. He comes across her on two other occasions. On the third occasion, unable to bottle his love, he professes his feelings for her. Her response is heart-warming. But, what makes this short film special is its surprise ending.
  5. Proposal

    Raj Tarun is vexed as he has to ask his girlfriend's father for her hand in marriage. His girlfriend pitches that he rehearse with her. She plays her father's role while Tarun is himself. The way he expresses his love is very well-directed. Overall, it's a feel good film.
  6. The Week

    The Week jestingly portrays women in a bad manner. So, die-hard feminists stay way from this. For the others, The Week is about Raj Tarun's love affair with a college student. After dating her for six days, Raj Tarun is left in a sullen state on the 7th day. What happened on the 7th day forms the climax. The ending scene hilariously conveys 'Men will be men'.
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  8. Break-Up

    Break-Up short film is the perfect example of an anti-climax. Raj Tarun is planning to break-up with his girlfriend. He tries out different methods in his mind and plans on the least painful one. Raj Tarun's emotions in the ending are pitiable yet funny.

  9. Approach

    Raj Tarun is dying to express his love to his girlfriend. However, he doesn't know how to do it. So, he decides to discuss this difficult situation with his friend. How he proposes her and whether she'll accept his love forms the rest of the story. The ending is a bit emotional.
  10. A Lovely Hour

    Raj Tarun is left heart-broken by his girlfriend. However, he attends her marriage and there he sees another an attractive gal and hits on her. She, initially, rebukes his advances but when she sees how dull he is, she decides to do cheer him up. What happens next forms the rest of the film. This is one of the films which provide a happy ending for Raj Tarun.