Bollywood Sequels That Didn’t Work

Bollywood Sequels That Didn’t Work

6 Apr 18 @ 2:51 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Often, after producing a blockbuster, our Bollywood directors are plagued by the idea of doing a sequel. Sometimes these sequels hit and sometimes they miss. Here are some of the sequels which weren’t up to the mark:

  1. Golmaal Returns

    Golmaal was funny in every way. Even the climax was shot in a funny way. However, Golmaal Returns wasn’t as funny as its predecessor. The humour was forced and it was really difficult to laugh at those jokes. Also, the movie stereotyped women in various ways. The only hilarious moment in this movie was when the lead actors masquerade as women.

  2. Golmaal 3

    This movie didn’t reach both its predecessors’ level. The movie had a lousy storyline which was overdosed with raunchy jokes. Also, the petty fights between the lead actors didn’t help at all. The movie is lousiest in the entire series.
  3. Bheja Fry 2

    This sequel wasn’t entirely bad. However, the movie could have been better. Although, the movie makers made an effort at making this movie funny, they weren’t totally successful. It can be watched once.
  4. DON 2 (also known as Don 2: The King is Back)

    Don’s surprise ending raised the eyebrows of many cinegoers. However, Don 2 didn’t impress many. Though the movie was commercial success, it was a critical failure. The movie was heavily influenced by Ocean’s 11. Also, the director, Farhan Akhtar, failed to explain as to why Asia’s mafia emperor turns into a burglar. And despite being a mafia bigshot, Don (Shahrukh) does everything, including the petty things such as picking up the drug consignments. Overall, this sequel was a huge disappointment

  5. Jannat 2

    Jannat 2 has made this list only because of its story. The performance of Imran Hashmi and Randeep Hooda are good but they aren’t enough to save the movie. Jannat had an unpredictable story but Jannat 2 here had a predictable story which fails to impress. Other than that, the movie is good. However, a little more effort could have made this movie better

  6. Jism 2

    This raunchy movie is boring. Sunny Leone, former pornographic actress, was cast as the leading lady of this sequel. However, her voluptuous looks don’t salvage this movie. The screenplay, story and music were handled poorly by debutante´ director Pooja Bhatt. On a whole, it is a forgettable fare but Sunny Leone went on to act in many films, including movies you should not watch with your parents.

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  8. Yamla Pagla Deewana 2

    After scoring a surprise hit with Yamla Pagla Deewana, Dharmendra decided to do Yamla Pagla Deewana 2. The movie had Dharmendra and his sons, Sunny and Bobby, in the lead roles. Unlike its predecessor, the movie was a dud. The movie wasn’t funny and it had a predictably weak story.

  9. Race 2

    Race was mindblowing. Although, it was a freemake of Good bye Lover, Race was well directed. But, Race 2 doesn’t reach that level at all. The movie struggles to impress the audience with its predictable twists. What’s good in this movie is Saif and John Abraham’s rivalry. Other than that the movie is mediocre.

  10. DHOOM:3

    This movie was heavily influenced by Prestige. In the previous Dhoom movies, the thieves stole things out of greed or for fun. But, here the movie takes a lopsided turn by showing the audience that the thief (Aamir Khan) is stealing for revenge. Overall, the entire movie was predictable. But, the lousy screenplay and impossible stunts spoiled the entire movie. What is more is that Aamir plays a dual role in this movie. His second role is a mentally challenged person who does mind boggling stunts with a super bike, robs various banks and dates a hottie (Katrina Kaif). Seriously, what does the director take us for?!

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