Bollywood Music Directors of All Time Who Belonged To Different Eras

Bollywood Music Directors of All Time Who Belonged To Different Eras

14 Jun 18 @ 5:12 PM

Ever wondered what Bollywood films would’ve been without music? Well, it’s hard to believe how audiences watched films in the silent era. Films without music is like body without a soul. Bollywood music has not just carved a niche for itself over the years but also has become an inseparable part of film making process. Cinema and music have always been hand in glove ever since music became an inseparable part of Indian cinema. The impact of a film is most often accentuated to perfection by its music, which includes not just the songs but also the background score.

The advent of music in Bollywood films has compelled our filmmakers to give music its due importance which is integral to the film’s story and characters. Music has come to be known as the backbone of a film which can make or break it. The contribution of Hindi music directors to films have been immense thus, becoming the most important cog in filmmaking and Bollywood music, song and dance. The likes of music directors in Hindi films like RD Burman, Shankar-Jaikishan, Naushad, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, AR Rahman haven’t just churned out chartbusters after chartbusters but gave Bollywood music a separate identity by putting it on the world map.

Many famous Bollywood music directors belonging to different eras have left behind so many melodies for music lovers to cherish. Though Bollywood film music has undergone a lot of change over the years reducing the longevity of a song but the fact remains that Bollywood music continues to rock to date. Bollywood film music directors have often relied heavily on the success of their movies because most often its seen when a film clicks its music too becomes immortal. So, which Hindi film music composers have really left their mark, let’s find out? Here is the list of Bollywood’s top Hindi music directors who ruled the roost at different points of time.

  • List Of Hindi Film Music Directors:

    • Sanjay L. Bhansali

    • Vishal Bhardwaj

    • Sajid Ali

    • Andrea Jeremiah

    • Piyush Mishra

    • Amaal Mallik

    • Ilaiyaraja

    • Sneha Khanwalkar

    • Devi Sri Prasad

    • Ankit Tiwari

    • Anurag Saikia

    • Chirantan Bhatt

    • Prashant Pillai

    • Gopi Sunder

    • Mannan Munjal

    • Wajid Ali

    • A. R. Rahman

    • Amit Trivedi

    • Lata Mangeshkar

    • Mickey McCleary

    • Lalit Pandit

    • Rashid Khan

    • Shashwat Srivastava

    • Zee Music Company

    • Ram Sampath

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