Hindi Film Editors Who Take Movies To The Next Level

Hindi Film Editors Who Take Movies To The Next Level

14 Jun 18 @ 5:31 PM

There are so many technicians who work behind the camera but never get applauded for their work, one of them is the film editor whose efforts always go unnoticed. Film editing has always been regarded as one of the many 'invisible' arts which goes into making a film likeable and successful. Editing has come to be known as a skilled art wherein a selection and integration of a sequence of shots is taken from thousands of feet of film. Editing can be regarded as the final execution of film process which makes or breaks a narration. A well-edited film often plays an important role in shaping of a film and creating an impact.

Earlier, good editing was often credited to directors but not anymore. Today, many Bollywood film editors are getting due credit for holding a film together while also receiving credit for its success. Bollywood editors are getting recognized for their skill of understanding film-making and its sensitivity. Some of the finest films in the recent years have seen editors walk away with all the applause and accolades. Check out the list of best Hindi movie editors or may be the most successful top editors in Bollywood today who have often put together the entire film.

  • Bollywood Film Editors :

    • Govind Nihalani

    • Rajkumar Hirani

    • Mahesh Narayanan

    • Martin Singer

    • Sachindra Vats

    • Anthony

    • Dipika Kalra

    • Ballu Saluja

    • Paresh Manjrekar

    • Pooja Ladha Surti

    • Sanyukta Kaza

    • Rameshwar S. Bhagat

    • Ashish Mahatrae

    • Shubham Srivastava

    • KK Mahajan

    • Bunty Nagi

    • Manish More

    • Hassan Hassandoost

    • Aarif Sheikh

    • Shivkumar V. Panicker

    • Sudeep Chatterjee

    • Sreekar Prasad

    • Huzefa Lokhandwala

    • Shimit Amin

    • Dharmendra Sharma

    • Maahir Zaveri

    • Irene Dhar Malik

    • Steve Mirkovich

    • Ashfaque Makrani

    • Nitin Baid

    • Meghna Sen

    • Hemanti Sarkar

    • Ashish Suryavanshi

    • Yasha Ramchandani

    • P.S. Bharathi

    • Ashok Mehta

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