Bollywood Cinematographers Who Capture The Visuals Beautifully

Bollywood Cinematographers Who Capture The Visuals Beautifully

4 Sep 18 @ 12:24 PM | By Vishal

Cinema is an art of visual storytelling and good cinematography can make or break a movie. A good story is important but fails to impress when the camera work is not done right and a simple and plain story can be made to look impressive in the hands of a great cinematographer. Bollywood has seen some excellent cinematographers who have created some of the most iconic shots created in the history of Bollywood.

  • Anil Mehta worked is a Bollywood cameraman who worked for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Khamoshi: A Musical and used his instrument to showcase the feelings of two deaf and mute characters in the movie. He went on to work on many hits like Kal Ho Na Ho and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and is considered one of the best cinematographers and DOPs of Bollywood and has an impressive filmography to his name.

    Like Anil, we have great cinematographers like K U Mohanan, Rajiv Menin, Aseem Mishra and many more that make Hindi films visually appealing. The use of silhouettes and colors are very important in Bollywood and they help in generating emotion among the film watchers. Here are some of the top Hindi movie cinematographers.

    • Amit Roy

    • Rajeev Ravi

    • K.U. Mohanan

    • Rafey Mehmood

    • Jay Oza

    • Amol Rathod

    • Sanu Varghese

    • Ayananka Bose

    • Gnana Sekhar

    • Ravi K. Chandran

    • Álvaro Gutiérrez

    • Sameer Reddy

    • Nirav Shah

    • Jomon T John

    • P C Sreeram

    • Murali G

    • Pradeep Kumar Soni

    • Avik Mukhopadhyay

    • S. R Sathish Kumar

    • Govind Nihalani

    • KK Mahajan

    • Baba Azmi

    • VK Murthy

    • Aseem Bajaj

    • Sejal Shah

    • Santosh Thundiyil

    • Kiran Deohans

    • Aveek Mukhopadhyay

    • C K Muraleedharan

    • Nusrat F. Jafri

    • Najeeb Khan

    • Jitan Harmeet Singh

    • Sylvester Fonseca

    • Lukasz Bielan

    • Kartik Vijay

    • Ranjan Palit

    • Monoj Soni

    • Pankaj Kumar

    • Ravi Varman

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