The Best Art Directors of Bollywood Who Created A World of Their Own

The Best Art Directors of Bollywood Who Created A World of Their Own

14 Jun 18 @ 5:34 PM

Ever wondered how our Bollywood filmmakers took us back in time showing those old kingdoms, palaces and fortresses where Kings and British once ruled? Ever wondered how our directors and cameramen create a world on-screen which one could never imagine of that looked so beautiful and captivating? Well, all these imaginary worlds and palaces that are created on screen for us is the work of the art director or production designer who takes us into a make-belief world to suit the story and characters of a film. From minute background detailing to big and small props, art directors set it up with a set where a shot is canned creating an ambience to transform us into a world of imagination.

Initially, it was the studios wherein most of the shooting used to take place but as time passed films got bigger along with budgets calling for creation of bigger outdoor sets where a majority of the film would be shot. An art director’s contribution would be to give shape to the director’s vision where a scene would be shot at a backdrop. Some top Bollywood film art directors like Sabu Cyril, Samir Chanda, Sharmistha Roy, Nitin Desai, Bijon Das Gupta have contributed immensely by giving life to some unimaginable film sets. Some of the popular film art directors who didn’t get their due helped pass on the legacy to upcoming art directors who went on to gain recognition for their skill.

Art direction in Bollywood is no more a thankless or unsung job, it has created an award category for itself inspiring younger talents to take up this art. If you're trying to find out the names of famous Indian film art directors or the list of best art directors in Bollywood then this is the perfect resource for you. The following names are the most prominent film art directors who are not just well-known film art director from India but also the people behind bringing those unbelievable gigantic sets alive on screen.

  • Bollywood Art Directors

    • Pradeep Sarkar

    • Narendra Rahurikar

    • Aparna Raina

    • Sagar Mali

    • Mukund Gupta

    • Nitin Desai

    • R Verman Shetty

    • Rajnish Hedao

    • Saloni Dhatrak

    • Rajat Poddar

    • Nikhil S. Kovale

    • Samir Chanda

    • Rupin Suchak

    • Shivam Rao

    • Suzanne Caplan Merwanji

    • Pratik Vijay Redij

    • Dinesh Yadav

    • Shashank Tere

    • Sujeet Sawant

    • Sandeep Sharad Ravade

    • Richard Viagulam

    • Bhavani Patel

    • Kishor Kawad

    • Avtar Singh

    • Sriram Iyengar

    • Parul Sondh

    • Amit Ray

    • Sharmistha Roy

    • Subrata Chakraborthy

    • Nitish Roy

    • Madhumita Sen

    • Meghna Gandhi

    • Lalgudi Ilayaraja

    • Rita Ghosh

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