Blockbusters That Were Spoofed By Ali & Suma

Blockbusters That Were Spoofed By Ali & Suma

29 May 18 @ 7:05 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Comedian Ali and prominent TV anchor Suma shared a good on-screen chemistry. These two have co-anchored various programmes such as CineMAA awards, which is an awards ceremony broadcast by Maa Tv. In this awards presentation, these two anchors spoof popular movies, which are positively received by movie personalities and cine goers. Here’s the list of the Ali and Suma spoofs.

  1. Baahubali

    Ali & Suma don’t spoof the entire movie. The spoof happens when Ali dreams that he is Baahubali. What is surprising is that Prince Mahesh narrates the spoof. The scene where he rides a lion is riotous. The full-length video of this CineMAA awards ceremony is available on hotstar.

  2. Mayabazar

    Mayabazar was blockbuster. The movie focussed on Abhimanyu and Sasirekha. Glamorous actors ANR and Savithri portrayed the lead roles. In 2010, Ali and Suma spoofed this classic by playing the lead roles. In the spoof, Abhimanyu (Ali) is a lusting Prince who is outdated when compared to Sasi (Suma). Coming Sasi, Suma is nothing like the character Savithri portrayed. She is a short-tempered character who wants Abhimanyu to win a CineMaa award. The spoof ends Ali agreeing to Suma’s demand by saying that he’ll win the best actor award.
  3. Sagara Sangamam

    The blockbuster had Kamal Haasan and Jayaprada in the lead roles. In this spoof, Ali, who was Prince Abhimanyu in his previous life, is reborn as a dancer who yearns to win a CineMAA award. The clipping of Sagara Sangamam are juxtaposed in this spoof. Ali’s performance in this spoof is hilarious. The scene where he cries is pure fun.

  4. Geetanjali

    Geetanjali was a blockbuster and its success thrust King Nagarjuna into spotlight. In this spoof, Ali is a successful comedian who yearns to become a hero. His girlfriend, Suma, is disappointed in him as he isn't a successful hero. She dumps him for the same reason. The scene where Suma slaps Ali is just awesome.
  5. Magadheera

    The spoof picks off from where Geetanjali left. His lover (who is once again played by Suma) is mortally wounded. Her final wish is to see Ali win the CineMAA best actor award. After expressing her wish, she loses her balance and is about to fall off from a cliff. Ali runs to rescue to her and jumps off the cliff only to discover that Suma had deceived him by not falling off the cliff. Suma then beaks the fourth wall by winking at the audience.
  6. Arundathi

    This spoof picks off from where Magadheera left. Both Ali and Suma are reborn as spiteful lovers. Ali is a foul breathed aghora who lusts for Suma who is angry at him for pushing her off the cliff in the previous spoof. Suma has delivered a rib-tickling performance.
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  8. Gabbar Singh (2012)

    Ali spoofs his best buddy Power Star Pawan Kalyan in this movie. Ali is a eccentric police officer who is in love with Suma. However, she rebuffs his advances as she wants to marry the CineMAA best actor award winner. The spoof ends rather abruptly but hilariously.

  9. Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu

    Ali and Suma play dual roles in this spoof. Ali plays the roles of Victory Venkatesh and Prince Mahesh, who are brothers in the movie. Suma plays the roles of Jayasudha and Anjali, mother and foster daughter in SVSC. Ali is just hilarious in this spoof. The ending is uproarious.