Watch Natural Star Nani Best Performances

Watch Natural Star Nani Best Performances

28 Mar 18 @ 7:49 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Naveen, who is better known as Nani, is a hero who made a name for himself in Tollywood within a decade since his debut. The actor started out as a clapper boy for the Bapu directorial ‘Radha Gopalam’. After lending his support for some other flicks, he left tinsel town to work as a Radio Jockey before landing the lead role in ‘Ashta Chamma’. After getting mentored by various directors, the actor became the ‘Natural Star’ he is today. But, when it comes to Nani, his performances give a vibe that he isn't even acting & that his emotions are all natural. Here we bring you some of his best dialogues which bring out his natural acting talent.

  1. Asking Jhansi's permission in Ashta Chamma

    Every guy who is in love will house a fraction of fear when he is seeking her parents’ permission for their daughter's hand. In this case, Nani portrays that guy. He has to seek his lover's guardian's permission. He is so scared that he forgets his adopted name and introduces himself as a Rambahesh which is a combination of his birth & adopted names. His answer about his caste is absolutely hilarious.

  2. As a lover in Bheemli Kabaddi Jattu

    Nani's heart-touching performance as a sincere lover will keep you engrossed. Despite having no dialogues, he emotes so many emotions with his eyes. How could he emote that well remains a mystery.

  3. As a gay in Ala Modalaindi

    Nithya Menon says that her uncle doesn't have any qualms with her closeness with Nani. When he quizzes as to why he is so cool, she coyly replies that she told her uncle that he is gay. His shock and his imagination are just awesome.

  4. As an ignorant man in Pilla Zamindar

    In one of the scenes, Nani has to write the semester exams which he hasn't prepared for. To worsen the situation, he injures his hands and cannot write the exams on his own self. Haripriya is assigned to write the exam while he dictates the answer. His answers are frigging hilarious.

  5. As a man who's desperately in love in Eega

    Although selfish Samantha snubs him every time he makes a move, Nani is still in love with her. One night, her two-wheeler is out of fuel. Out of necessity, Samantha summons him with a blank text. His reaction and happiness when he sees the blank text can't be described in words.

  6. As an ambitious man in Yevade Subramanyam

    Nani is so ambitious that he stoops down to save his career. He bears a hyperactive friend (Vijay Deverakonda) and entertains an eccentric lady to secure a money-laden contract. The scene where he spends time to condole the death of a goldfish shows his desperation.

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  8. As a shrewd strategist in Paisa

    Nani is a man who is blinded by ambition of amassing a lot of money. He decides to forgo his love for the sake of money. In this scene, Nani gives an emotional monologue about the power of money & consequences of love. He delivers a must-watch performance in this byte.

  9. As a forgetful guy in Bhale Bhale Magadivoy

    It takes guts to do such a role nearly all of the jokes are cracked on Nani's role only. But, Nani portrayed the role with ease and impressed the audiences with his performance. Anyone bit cannot be identified as excellent as his entire performance is outstanding.