‘Bigg Boss 11’: Controversies, Latest Episodes, Photos And News

‘Bigg Boss 11’: Controversies, Latest Episodes, Photos And News

11 Jan 18 @ 4:21 PM

India's biggest and controversial reality show, 'Bigg Boss 11', has finally gone on air from October 1 on Colors TV. Superstar Salman Khan who has been hosting the show for past seven years, is back with his crazy, angry and lovely avatar. Unlike the previous series which only had celebs in the list of contestants, the 11th season has been opened to a mix of celebrities and commoners entering the house. These contestants have been divided into two teams - one called as 'Housemates' and the other as 'Padosi'. Over a period of 100 plus days, these participants will be battling it out to survive inside the house, while risking their chance of getting evicted at any moment. Yet, the show has to go on! With 18 different mind sets under one roof and an aim to win the title of the season, here is the complete update on day-to-day basis controversies, gossips, unseen videos, dark secrets and Weekend Ka Vaar. You can watch all the latest episodes of Bigg Boss 11 on Voot.

  • These Are The Four Finalists Of Bigg Boss

    Just like the last season, season 11 of Bigg Boss had a mix of celebrities and commoners as contestants in the reality show. After surviving for 14 weeks in the house, and the surprise eviction of Akash Dadlani, the finalists of the show are Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, and Puneesh Sharma. The show, hosted by Salman Khan, is in its final week and the finale will air on January 14 and will have Akshay Kumar as a guest.

  • Ex Contestant Hiten Tejwani Comments on The Remaining Contestants

    Hiten Tejwani, who was evicted from the show, commented about the finalists Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta and said  "Vikas Gupta deserves to win Bigg Boss 11. People are saying Shilpa can win because she is very strong and people are supporting her. And there are voters for Hina also so anything can happen but yes, Vikas deserves to win."

  • Next two wildcard entries of Bigg Boss announced

    With the eviction of the first wild card entry Dhinchak Pooja, Bigg Boss is all set for its next two wild card entries. While one is reported to be the beautiful actress Zoya Afroz, the other is said to be an international model Natalia Kayy. The information was revealed by the former Bigg Boss contestant Monalisa on her Twitter profile.

  • Bigg Boss 11: New luxury budget task ‘Mission BB11’ is set to bring a new twist

    Bigg Boss 11 is into its sixth week and it seems to have become more interesting with each day. Contestants like Arshi Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta have already grabbed the attention with the sort of their odd behaviours and now with this new luxury task, things are expected to take a different twist in the house. Named as ‘Mission BB11’, the task involves all the contestants to dress up like astronauts and be in the role till the game is over. This game will be a deciding factor for many vital things like ‘immunity’ and ‘captaincy’. In addition to this, the winner will take away the winning prize set for the game.

  • Controversy queen Arshi Khan tears her cloth

    The season eleven of ‘Bigg Boss’ has touched a new height with the latest drama of Arshi Khan. In the recent episode aired on Voot, the actress was seen tearing her top in front of Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani. They were dancing together on an item number from ‘Vaastav’ when Arshi did this act and the others were left ogling at her.

  • ‘I didn’t get a chance to have fun in Bigg Boss house’, says evicted Dhinchak Pooja

    Dhinchak Pooja is the latest contestant to have been evicted from the Bigg Boss house. Speaking about her experience with the housemates, she stated, "More than me, people are shocked that my stay in the 'Bigg Boss' house was not even for a month. Mujhe wahan fun nahin lag raha tha. It was not what I thought about it before entering the show. I thought I would be able to enjoy and be myself, but somehow the vibes of that place is such that you tend to get lost. In a few days that I was there, I could only observe people. Mai kuch din aur rehti to shayad apne real swag mein aa pati, par theek hi hai mai bahar aa gayi.”

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  • Puneesh Sharma becomes the new captain of house

    With the start of another week in Bigg Boss house, the housemates have got their new captain in the form of Puneesh Sharma. He was selected after winning a task which was assigned to him along with two other contestants – Hiten Tejwani and Benafsha Soonawalla. The task involved riding bicycles continuously and keep moving until 2 of them gave up. Reports are that Puneesh peed in his pants but that didn’t demotivate him from giving up.  

  • Vikas Gupta tries to escape from the house again

    Bigg Boss house is becoming interesting day by day. With lot of gossips and controversies going around in the air, the contestants have become restless and secured at the same time. Lately, Vikas Gupta unwanted action of escaping the house, rose everyone’s eyebrow. He was locked up in the kaal Kothari along with two other contestants, when Shilpa Shinde tried to disturb him with her annoying things. This irritated Vikas who in turn decided to get out of the house without any official information.

  • After Vikas and Shilpa, Gehna Vasisth targets Priyank Sharma

    The South Film Industry actress Gehna Vasisth has lately been in news for her revelation about the alleged relationship between Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. And as if that was not enough, she has exposed one more contestant, Priyank Sharma of Bigg Boss. Tweeting with hashtag #Polkhol, she claimed that Priyank has a sexual harassment or molestation case registered against him in Delhi. She also said that he is a bisexual and he sleeps around with gay and bisexual casting directors for work.

  • Dhinchak Pooja is in love with a ‘padosi’

    Amid fights and verbal spats, ‘Bigg Boss’ house is witnessing love blossom between Luv Tyagi and Dhinchak Pooja. This news has become a point of discussion between the housemates for a while. Hina Khan revealed that Luv likes Pooja and later in the same day, Pooja too stated that she has also developed fondness for the padosi to Arshi Khan. While the news of love affair between Bandgi and Puneesh have become common now, it will be interesting to see how this lovebirds bring the change in the house.     

  • Jyoti Kumar gets evicted, says Sapna and Bandagi are playing mind games

    The brazen-mouth, Jyoti Kumari is the latest contestant to get eliminated. She along with Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta, Benafsha Soonawalla, Luv Tyagi, Sapna Chaudhary and Akash Dadlani were nominated for eviction. Upon coming out of the house, Jyoti said, “Sapna and Bandagi are two persons who are playing mind games inside the house. They always pretend that they don’t know anything but they are very smart people.”

  • Priyank Sharma to re-enter the house

    Priyank Sharma, who was evicted from the ‘Bigg Boss’ house during the initial days of elimination, is soon going to step into the house for the second time. And with his entry, there is an expectation that the viewers are going to see a lot of drama in coming days. This ‘Splitsvilla’ contestant is supposed to enter the house today and the majority of eyes will be hooked on Puneesh and Akash’s reaction.  

  • Dhinchak Pooja composes her next song for Arshi Khan in Bigg Boss house

    The latest entrant in ‘Bigg Boss’ house, Dhinchak Pooja is slowly winning hearts of her housemates. Once shooed away by everyone in house, Pooja has found friendship with Arshi Khan and rapper Akash Anil Dadlani. Well, the interesting thing of all is that this self-proclaimed singer kept entertaining others with her cringe-worthy songs to which few supported with open hearts. Recently, Pooja crooned a new song for Arshi Khan to which Akash Dadlani added his tune and made it an enjoyable one. Watch the video below.

  • Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan’s mysterious life revealed

    While Arshi Khan is keeping her fans engaged with her weird activities in the Bigg Boss house, some eye-opening stories about this model-actress’ life has come in the grab of media persons. Spilling beans about her fakeness, Gehana Vasisth told a publication, I can tell you that Arshi Khan is over 32 years old, but she has claimed to be only 27 years of age. She has reduced her age by over 5 years, because I happen to know her from her school days. She has also faked her educational qualifications while applying for Bigg Boss 11 and I have proof of the same. I wonder how the channel and the makers of Bigg Boss have selected such a contestant who has been faking all her life."

  • Salman Khan shares a sneak peek of his luxurious chalet in Bigg Boss 11 house

    The ‘Sultan’ of Bollywood, Salman Khan has shared the first look of his luxurious chalet from the sets of the controversial television show ‘Bigg Boss 11’ and going by the pics, we can get an idea of how the actor is living life king-size, sans his actual home. It has a spacious living space with a big portrait of the actor on the wall. In addition to that, the house has a modern gym which are equipped with latest instruments. One can get a better view to these places by downloading ‘BeingInTouch’ app.

  • Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan welcomes Dhinchak Pooja as its first wildcard entry

    The Youtube sensation Dhinchak Pooja who garnered millions of views with her various weird songs, has become the latest entry in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 11’. Salman Khan, the host of the show, welcomed her in a best ever way by singing her songs while hilariously taking a jibe at Pooja. The 51-year-old actor tries his hand at the recent song ‘Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj’. Talking about the entry, Dhinchak Pooja is the first wildcard entrant on the popular reality show. Check out the video below to know the interaction between Salman and Dhinchak Pooja originally called as Pooja Jain.    

  • Sabyasachi and Luv Tyagi were found in an intimate state by housemates?

    By the end of another day, Bigg Boss housemates and padosis got to see a new drama in the house. Besides the normal chores and activities, Sabyasachi Tripathi and Luv Tyagi were reported to be found kissing each other in the smoking zone. The duo was seen spending quality time with each other. These act of their got the other housemates talking about them. However, after a while, this piece of news falls in Luv’s ears and he reacts aggressively.

  • Captain Vikas Gupta sends Hina Khan and two other housemates to Kaal Kothri

    The ‘Bigg Boss 11’ is becoming more interesting with each day! Since the day 1, the reality show has been providing the right amount of entertainment, masala, fun and controversies. And lately, one more instance happened in the locked house of Bigg Boss. The much-talked about Vikas Gupta, who has become the new captain of the house, in a way got an opportunity to take revenge against his haters. In a task assigned to the housemates, captain Vikas picked Hina Khan for her bad performance and sent her to Kaal Kothri. She will be joined by Arshi Khan and Sapna Chaudhary in the jail.

  • BB 11 participant Akash Dadlani refers Vishal Dadlani as his relative, here’s how Vishal gives it back

    The reality TV show Bigg Boss 11 is getting on the nerves of the audience. From the starting of the day 1, it has come up with numerous controversies and one among them was latest claim made by Akash Dadlani. In a very casual manner, Akash told to other housemates that he is Vishal’s ‘dead brother’s son’ and they are very close to each other. But this has not gone well with the musician-singer. Vishal reacted to the matter by taking to his micro-blogging site. Below read his reaction.

  • ‘Bigg Boss 11’ gets a good TRP

    No one can replace Salman Khan’s position in ‘Bigg Boss’! Ever since he became the brand ambassador of Television biggest reality show, Colors channel has experienced a boost in the TRP and this time too, it got a good opening. The rating of the show has gone to 2.9 and with the ongoing drama in the house, the rating is expected to increase in coming days. You can watch the complete episodes of the show exclusively on Voot. 

  • Padosis given masks to hide their identities, will they be able to do it?

    ‘Bigg Boss 11’ contestants who are playing as ‘Padosis’ are the safest of all the housemates. And to ensure that they remain in the house, the ‘Bigg Boss’ has asked them to wear masks on their face. Well, Mehjabi, Luv Tyagi, Sabyasachi and Lucinda have very nicely maintained the same. Till now, they were playing very safe to avoid the elimination round. But in the recent events, Vikas Gupta seems to have figured out the name of one of the Padosis. Whether this will be an end to their task or lead to a new twist, can only be known in the upcoming episodes.  

  • Hiten Tejwani chooses Arshi’s team over Shilpa’s

    In the luxury task assigned to the housemate which involved Hiten Tejwani as king, Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde were selected as queen. The two queens had a dedicated team for the task and at the end of the work, the king announced the winner. Hiten was asked to allocate bricks to his favourite queen’s team and Arshi’s team managed to impress him in this case.

  • Bandgi Kalra’s boyfriend upset over her association with Puneesh Sharma

    Affairs have become a common thing in every series of ‘Bigg Boss’ and this has piqued the interest of audience for many times. In the latest season of the show, Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma love affair was the talk on social media. One of the episodes displayed the two holding hands and professing their love for each other. However, there is a catch here. Bandgi’s boyfriend Dennis Nagpal, is unhappy over all these matter. He expressed his concern by tweeting on his profile.    

  • Former ‘Bigg Boss’ winner Gauhar Khan backs Vikas Gupta

    Ever since the start of the eleventh season of ‘Bigg Boss’, Vikas Gupta has become the bone of contention between the housemates. Often, he is seen in feud with many of his peers like Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan and Puneesh Sharma in the house and this indeed has attracted everyone’s attention. No doubt that viewers are getting their piece of entertainment but looks like the ex-Bigg Boss winner, Gauhar Khan is unhappy about all these. She came out in support of Vikas and tweeted for him.    

  • Hina Khan gets into a heated argument over Vikas Gupta’s sexuality

    As the ‘Bigg Boss’ entered its ninth day, the audience got to see a new turbulence between the housemates. The contestants were given a luxury budget task which involved faceoff between the two teams. Amid some hustle and bustle, the housemates were able to complete the task successfully. However, it was the tiff between Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta which grabbed the audience’s attention. The duo had a heated argument over Vikas’s sexuality and this quarrel reached a level where Hina confessed that she regretted supporting him from day one of the show.

  • Vikas Gupta escapes from the house?

    After the expulsion of Zubair Khan and Priyanka Sharma, reports are that Vikas Gupta has escaped from the house too. According to a tabloid, he discovered one of the exit points of the house and ran away immediately. Ever since the show began, Gupta has been spotted in numerous fights with Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan and many others. Though the reason behind his escape is not determined, it presumed that Gupta took this extreme step after having an altercation with his friend Hina Khan inside the house.

  • ‘Bigg Boss 11’ contestant Zubair Khan files a case against Salman Khan

    The eleventh season of ‘Bigg Boss’ seems to have started on a furious note. The audience got to see a lot of fights and arguments between the housemates. And it is not just that, even Salman lost his cool over some of the contestants in the very first weekend of the show. Thanks to Zubair Khan! The actor became furious on Zubair for his misbehaviour towards women, hence resulting in his eviction from the house. Upon coming out of the house, reports are that he has filed a complaint against the host alleging that he was threatened by Salman. “I will make you my dog. Will see you after you leave the home”, said his complaint.