Best Bollywood Villains of All Time Whom We Loved To Hate

Best Bollywood Villains of All Time Whom We Loved To Hate

24 Mar 18 @ 6:02 PM

Bollywood on-screen baddies have existed ever since heroes came into existence. Bollywood’s Hindi movie villains had to be mean, ugly, merciless, cruel and greedy who could do anything illegal and get away but not before the hero gets the better of him at the end in every film. The concept of villainy was at its peak in the 70’s and 80’s where roles were written for actors who’d play the baddie with aplomb, who could give a run for the hero’s money and of course try his luck in getting the heroine. The era from 1960's to 2000 saw a set of actors playing only villains while post 2000 saw popular heroes playing negative roles but were called anti-heroes.

Villainy has undergone a lot of change over the last century or so with many actors leaving behind many memorable cruel performances for us to cherish. There have been innumerable villain actors who made us hate them for their contributed towards cinema than just their mere acts. Like best actor’s, there’ll always be a category for ‘the best villains’ in Bollywood. So, according to you who has played the ultimate greatest evil bad-ass boss among all time villains in Hindi films? Here’s the list of the best Bollywood villains or famous Bollywood villains whose performances made us hate them.

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