Bellamkonda Sreenivas' Remake Game A Wise Choice?

Bellamkonda Sreenivas' Remake Game A Wise Choice?

1 May 21 @ 4:41 PM | By Bindu Meduri

Remakes are always a safe game for many reasons, but with the unanimous demand and craze of OTT platforms and changing audience preferences, it is no longer safe to attempt a remake, unless it has a worthy storyline. Tollywood young hero Bellamkonda Sreenivas although came from a filmy background, has not yet impressed fans with a good hit, except for Rakshasudu. He mostly attempted commercial entertainers and aimed to prove himself as an action hero, which backfired big time.

Rakshasudu, which is a remake of the Tamil film Ratsasan went on to do wonders at the box office for two reasons. Firstly, because of the subject. Ratsasan is a well-crafted psychological crime thriller that gives the audience an edge-of-the-seat experience. Secondly, back then OTT platforms although existed, they did not have the craze and demand they are enjoying today.

It is already known that Sreenivas has aimed a big bullet to make his entry in Bollywood with the remake of Prabhas' hit film Chatrapathi. Owing to his craze and Prabhas' stardom in Bollywood, it would be a safe venture for his Bollywood debut.  Meanwhile, there was also news of Sreenivas attempting to remake Dhanush's Karnan in Telugu, which is not a wise move according to Trade analysts.

The reason why we also agree that it not a wise move is because Dhanush is a popular face among Telugu movie buffs.  The cine lovers will watch the original version on OTT rather than watching a young hero who is yet to find his feet in the industry.

Also, most of the films that star Sreenivas are made with budgets that are higher than his market value. So, if at all Karnan is to be remade in Telugu, it should be made on a moderate budget.

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