Being Human, Salman’s Radhe To Clean The City With Seetimaar

Being Human, Salman’s Radhe To Clean The City With Seetimaar

22 Apr 21 @ 12:15 PM | By Sayanee Gupta

Already a majority of the mass audience of Northern belt were robbed of proper entertainment thanks to the multiplex orientation of the new age filmmakers. With Aamir Khan taking his sweet time to move his projects and Shahrukh Khan, not the same force he was, the onus is on two-star heroes to deliver something for a universal audience. While Akshay Kumar is his usual self touching upon all genres and all sections of the audience, it is only Salman Khan who’s feeding the taste buds of the mass.

Eid means Salman Khan and the cinematic feast he brings. That’s why Bhai has amassed a huge fan following across India. To be frank, in a way, among all the three Khans it is only Salman has a penetrated presence in South India. With Akshay mostly appealing to class audience down south, Salman is the only pan-India superstar of the last decade at least. A majority of Eid’s witnessed his films ringing the cash registers. That’s why he’s the actor with the most number of films in 200 Cr. Club. And he’s the one with the highest number of 400 Cr. Plus grosser in India. A place he shared with Aamir Khan till now.

But his upcoming film Radhe has the potential to break the tie and make him sit on the top of the film of the 400 Cr. Club. But pandemic happened and he was not in so great a form before it with Dabangg failing to play to the standards set by his other films. Radhe which could have hit the screens last Eid, is rumoured to be postponed as the lockdowns in states and restrictions are increasing with each passing day. Salman was adamant that he wants his films to have only theatrical releases (you’re god of masses for a reason Bhai - yours truly).

But in a sudden move, it’s announced that the movie, Radhe, a spiritual sequel to Wanted, a film that resurrected his career back in the late 2000s, will hit the screens and ATT platforms on the same day. 13 May 2021. Eid. Ramadan gift to fans and film buffs. Especially the mass audience to savour something from a big star.

As usual, the trailer was released today and it’s expectedly superb is an understatement. Set in a regular backdrop and a premise that’s seen in multiple films (drugs and mafia roaming freely and the city needs a saviour. Obviously Bhai as Radhe is the only man who can do it. So, to complete the century in this film, he has 97 encounters to his name). But what S separates this from the others of this genre are surprisingly trendy talking by Prabhu Deva, restrained performance from Salman, and his dialogues which are see to give goosebumps.

The only blot on this otherwise entertaining teaser is the hint of the remix of the Telugu film song, Seetimaar. Bhai, you promised to clean the city. But not with Seetimaar. It is your heroism and the escape it gives to millions of fans from the troubles of real world. At least, Being Human, Salman dared to release the film both in theatres and ATT simultaneously. ZeePlex. 

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