9 Videos That Prove Ravi Teja Is The Favourite of The Masses

9 Videos That Prove Ravi Teja Is The Favourite of The Masses

7 May 18 @ 6:32 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Ravi Teja is one of those actors who made it to the top of Tollywood without much support from others. With talent and determination, Ravi Teja, who started out as a nobody, became one of the most sought-after heroes. Popularly dubbed as Mass Maharaja, Ravi Teja has created a niche for himself with his hyperactiveness. He is also one of the few actors who have become successful in this mass genre. As he turns 48, we've compiled a list of his performances which define the mass in Ravi Teja.

  1. Ravi Teja's Comdy Timing Makes Him Lovable By Mass Audience

    Ravi Teja dons the role of an Intelligence Bureau agent who is just of short of the nervous breakdown due to the work routine. The way he narrates his pain to his mentor is bound to make you laugh. His callous attitude earns him a suspension.

  2. Mass Maharaja's fight with his father in Kick

    Only Ravi Teja could have handled this mercurial role which appears to have been tailored for him. His weirdness and obsession for kick make this film a must-watch. What is to be noticed is that his father is as cranky as him. Both he and his father unleash hell when they come together.

  3. As a classical dancer in Daruvu

    Ravi Teja is introduced as a classical dancer in this bit. His outfit and intro are similar to that of Kamal Haasan's getup in Sagara Sangamam. His effeminate performance and shamelessness make this bit comical. However, it's anti-climax of this video which makes this byte hilarious.

  4. As a lover in Idiot

    Ravi Teja played the Puri Jagannadh hero with all the aggression. Chantigadu who is sincerely in love with Rakshitha, the Commissioner's daughter. When he approaches her, she tries to scare him away by revealing her parentage. However, Mass Maharaja counters her veiled threat with a practical question which dumbfounds her. The song which follows is both an audio and visual treat. Ravi Teja's body language does complete justice to the upbeat song.

  5. As a superstitious man in Venky

    Ravi Teja is once again a good-for-nothing guy who believes in superstitions. As he & his friends don't posses any talent, they prey on others for money. After extracting money in a weird manner, his group blow the money on alcohol and whatnot. What is hilarious is his shameless interaction with his father who is frustrated with his behaviour.

  6. As a selfish man in Khadgam

    Ravi Teja is a commoner who aspires to become a star in Tollywood. In this Govinda Govinda song, he prays to the Lord Venkateswara to make him a star. He harasses the almighty to the extent that the god does something that is bound to make you laugh. What you notice here is the selfishness of the character Ravi Teja played which is expressed lyrically.

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  8. As a fearless man in Bhadra

    Faction films have been received warmly by the audiences. Since Samarasimha Reddy, most of the films based on faction wars have become blockbusters. Ravi Teja starred in one such flick and it was a blockbuster. The Temple fight in this film receives special attention as Ravi Teja is shown to be a jovial guy. However, due to some disturbances, his attitude undergoes a sea-change. This transition in Ravi Teja is so seamless that only Mass Maharaja can pull this off.

  9. As a sincere policeman in Vikramarkudu

    What makes this performance distinctive is that Ravi Teja's intense performance in a serious role. When quizzed about his perception about death, the actor gives a splendid answer which is bound to impress anyone. His deep voice and the intensity that he showcases in this scene prove that he is a versatile actor.

  10. As a schoolboy in Khatarnak

    Ravi's outfit itself is funny. It shows that the actor isn't afraid to go the extra mile. Dressed funnily, the actor vividly imagines that they are prisoners who are mentally tortured by the teachers. What's funny is his irritation when kids address him as uncle.