Ban TikTok Trends - App Rating Crashes Down To Record Low

Ban TikTok Trends - App Rating Crashes Down To Record Low

19 May 20 @ 5:50 PM | By Team Pycker

TikTok - the short-video making platform where the users can make a video by giving a lip-sync to the music or audio - has taken the world by storm. Initially, the app which went viral among tween users is now growing bigger and bigger with many joining it, courtesy the zeal of getting popular. Enjoying a rating of 4.5 stars, TikTok is ruling the app stores since its inception. Though it landed in several controversies earlier and even got banned in some nations, its fad has not even dropped a bit. But now, its fame has shin down due to a few hyperactive users.

It is because...TikTok is not really as bad as we think, as it has good stuff to have fun. There are many good videos on it, but a few users have made worse by sharing some worst videos. Unable to bear their cheap tricks for publicity, a few YouTubers and meme-makers lashed the TikTok users asking them to either make good videos or to stay quite. Giving a deaf ear to it, TikTokers sparked controversy by counter blasting YouTubers and meme makers. This controversy got intense after YouTube sensation Carry Minati (Ajey Nagar) shared a video with the title - YouTube vs TikTok: The End, where he roasted the TikTok users.

Venting down their anger on him, TikTok users reported the video to YouTube authorities who took off the video claiming that it violated their policy on harassment and bullying. This has made YouTubers and meme makers even angrier who are now on a mission to ban the TikTok. This made the rating of TikTok come down to 2 stars within just 4 days. This is the first time for any app to drop down to such a rating that too in a short time. Poor thing is that in the feud between TikTok users and YouTubers, the TikTok app got crashed.

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