Babu Gogineni Comments On Niharika Wedding Are Distasteful

Babu Gogineni Comments On Niharika Wedding Are Distasteful

10 Dec 20 @ 3:30 PM | By GitacharYa

At one time Babu Gogineni was a well respected intellectual and an atheist and is known for his rationalistic views. His logical and  lucid explanation of various points earned him recognition among the Indian diaspora as a learned person. He even used to attend several television discussions and his opinions are valued. But his Bigg Boss stint changed all this, and his egotistic mentality was exposed. Post that, he lost his mojo and disappeared from the public scene for the most part. 

But suddenly he came into limelight once again but not in a good way. He made several comments on the wedding ceremony of Niharika Konidela. BBC Telugu covered the currently most trending wedding in Telugu social media and made an exclusive bit. It might have irked Babu Gogineni who made scathing comments and suggested to BBC it would be better for them to telecast all the Sayana Seva and Kalyanam details of Tirumala and Yadadri (Yadagirigutta). Also to cover the queue lines in those temples and give special bulletins of tickets and special services. 

Dragging the divine into the discussion about a celeb marriage is not at all good especially in such a degrading manner. But he went even further and called Niharika’s father a second rate actor who makes a living through a third rate comedy show. He further added a girl who didn’t do anything of merit on her own and is a daughter of a second rate actor, and that her wedding is covered by a news media of repute with such enthusiasm, shows the depreciating standards of media.  

All this didn’t go well with a majority of people and Mega fans started to find fault with him. They highlighted his hypocrisy and his double standards. He was questioned if Jabardast is such a disgusting show, why didn’t he question it till now. They also questioned his integrity saying if he finds Jabardast as a third grade show, how did he participate in Bigg Boss which promotes voyeuristic content. 

Leaving all these emotions aside and if we think with clarity, Babu Gogineni comments on Niharika and her wedding are distasteful. Niharika might not have been successful in movies, she was a torchbearer of web content by being the first of the Telugu entertainers to show the potential of web series. She was even hailed as a natural talent and her innovative methods to make a career with web series instead of depending on family was cited as inspiring by noted news channel editors. 

Babu Gogineni should better research his facts before pointing fingers on the celebrations of a particular family with great fandom. Such degrading comments doesn’t suit a man of such standing till not long ago. 

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