Baahubali: Before The Beginning - Begins Afresh

Baahubali: Before The Beginning - Begins Afresh

31 Oct 20 @ 10:16 AM | By GitacharYa

Rajamouli envisioned Baahubali stories as a multi-media franchise with the movies serving as the major story and mainstream direction, the novels to serve as the complementary material filling the back stories and gaps in the main story, and animated series concerns that of the adventures of Baahu and Bhalla when they’re young. Just like the Star Wars franchise. 

As such, Sivagami’s back story came out as The Rise of Sivagami in a novel format and had seen quite a success. Later, a web series had started. It was launched with Praveen Sattaru and Deva Katta as the directors. The Netflix original was in news sporadically but didn’t materialise till now. 

If anyone thinks the reason behind this is the lack of interest from audience, they can’t be more foolish. Baahubali is etched in the popular imagination and in the days of diminishing interest in reading books, Sivagami sold tens of thousands hard copies and God only knows how many read it thanks to piracy and ecopies. 

Now, as per our close sources who are usually spot on with their data reveal that the reason for this is whatever footage or script that’s developed for the series and the direction it should take didn’t satisfy Rajamouli - the series creator. Jakkanna who doesn’t start anything without envisioning everything till the end point didn’t let the series take off. 

Now, the series will start afresh with Rajamouli taking care of the general direction of the stories and even the cast. Apart from his commitment to RRR, he’ll lend his brains to Before The Beginning team to make it a grand success on streaming just like what he did with the original Baahubali movies in cinemas. We may get a concrete announcement by the new year.  

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