Athadu Retro Review: A Perfect Modern Classic To Watch

Athadu Retro Review: A Perfect Modern Classic To Watch

4 Apr 20 @ 4:55 PM | By Bindusri Meduri

Retro Review - We present the reviews of some of the films that offer great cinematic experience as if they are released now (currently). We present the content in such a way that we have just come out of the theater and penned out our thoughts fresh. You can enjoy the reviews and relive the moments in a different way. And try to watch the films like they're new, once again.

The premise

Trivikram Srinivas directorial Athadu is a blend of mass and class. Action and family entertainment. Starring Mahesh Babu and Trisha in the lead roles, the film has drawn inspiration from Hollywood action films. 


A young street kid murders a person and joins a gang. The kid grows into a professional assassin Nandagopal (Mahesh Babu). Nandu who was hired to murder a politician will be double-crossed and chased for the assassination. In his attempt to escape, he bumps into Pardhu - a run-away youngster who was on his way to reunite with his long lost family. Nandu unintentionally becomes the cause of Pardhu's death. Taking Pardhu's identity, Nandu goes to the victim's village and enters his house to escape cops for some days. But, the love and care Pardhu's family shower on him will disarm him and change him completely. How he solves the problems and will he confront his identity to the family forms the rest of the story.


Though the film starts off violently, it en routes into a family drama with loads of humour and emotions. The film has brought the masculine fervour of Mahesh Babu and Trivikram etched out his role well. Mahesh is brilliant and stylish. The way he showed variations as both Nandu and Pardhu (professional killer and masquerade) is simply exceptional. Trisha as Poori, a cute looking village girl in traditional attire did a good job and all other cast too did justice to their roles.


Athadu is a landmark film of both Mahesh and Trivikram which created many first and history of sorts. Despite comments that it has similarities to Varasudochhadu (Venkatesh) and inspirations from Hollywood action films, the film stood tall among the modern classics and it is one perfect watch in this Coronavirus isolation time. Just relive it once again.

Rating - 3.5/5

Reviewed By Bindusri Meduri

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