Are Families Killing The Opportunities For These Stars?

Are Families Killing The Opportunities For These Stars?

24 Jul 20 @ 4:51 PM | By Gitacharya & Jilani

After a long wait and multiple representations to the governments of Teluguland, permissions are given for the shootings of the films. First the post-production works and dubbings etc. started and then several makers planned restricted schedules for their pending films. But as the restrictions and guidelines imposed by the government are harder than expected and the spread of the disease has become uncontrollable, some of the big stars shifted their movie shoots to the late November and December slots.

But some other makers couldn’t wait. Even the actors are willing to take risk. But it is the family members of these artists who are refraining them from moving out of home. Mega Star Chiru who led the contingent to get permissions has to sit idle at home as despite his and director Koratala’s willingness, Ram Charan cancelled the shoot of Acharya. He doesn’t want to risk Mega Star’s health. Finally it is heard that the shoot will start in specially erected sets in September but we cannot comment anything until the shoot starts.

It is the same with heroines. For mid-range and newer heroines, acting in ads and attending shop openings is necessary to supplement their relatively meagre incomes. Payal Rajput posted about how she struggled initially without opportunities in the early lockdown time. If an actress of such craze has problems what can we say of upcoming actresses? On the other hand even star anchors like Anasuya and Suma too cancelled their programmes as they don’t want to risk their health.

It is a tough situation now to find a balance. Keeping health as paramount importance but at the same time the need to earn should be prioritised.

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