Anupama Parameshwaran Freedom @Midnight Review: Where To Draw The Line

Anupama Parameshwaran Freedom @Midnight Review: Where To Draw The Line

15 Jan 21 @ 11:35 AM | By GitacharYa

The Setting 

The atmosphere is cosy. Dreamy. And dreary. 

All at once for her. 

Chandra is sitting just outside of her house near a pond, talking on the phone to her friend. It’s revealed not so subtly that she is in the process of making a decision. We understand that her daughter is with her mum. Her husband is busy with his office work. Even as she’s holding her call up, her husband Das enters the scene searching for her. He asks her why her phone is engaged and tells her that he had called her multiple times. 

The struggle

She suddenly asks him to take her on a bike trip. Only two of them. But he declines casually saying it’s going to rain. By the looks of it we understand that all is not well between them. Doesn’t mean that their relationship is irreparably sour. At a later point he even asks her to make Semiya upma (man! We understand what’s the problem with you) as it’s raining outside and the atmosphere is cosy. He rejects her request of going out authoritatively but says on phone that he he never discriminates between his male and female team members. 

Thus starts the 30 minutes of breezy, romantically charged short film starring Anupama Parameshwaran and Hakim Shajahan. 

The movie, though mostly revolves around sexual freedom, it actually talks about true love and hypocrisy in married lives. It also tries to expand the borders the definition of the word Freedom. Where to draw the line! 

Anupama's tour de force

Anupama Parameshwaran played a role which is a bit older and mature than her real world self. She’s inch perfect with her histrionics. She used her eyes to pierce through the hypocrisy of her husband who has been hiding a secret (SPOILER: comes as a climactic twist) all the while unearth the truth from his wife. Her weary and beaten smile speaks volumes about the actress’ acting capabilities which are severely under-utilised by mainstream filmmakers for the most part. 

As a woman who has a strong character without ever losing her sensibility and sensitivity, Anupama has shown her peak prowess as an actress. The way she uttered the dialogues should be treated as lesson for many aspiring actresses (watched the movie in Malayalam first. Some of the punch is lost in translation in other languages). Hakkim Shajahan starts a bit demure initially but picks up pace so that he can match the energy of Anupama. He’s a perfect foil for her. Both of them looked like a real world pair. 

The music has a quirky ballad like synchronicity with the visuals. Use good quality head/earphones like the director suggested. Cinematography is gorgeous as usual with Kerala locations. Of course, most of the film is shot indoors. Around a house. But the atmosphere is created Ina right way. 

What's the movie about?

But it is. Or about all these technicalities we should talk about. How can a husband takes it when his wife talks about a fantasy about having sex with a stranger? Just think about it. Just leaving this here so as not to spoil the fun of watching a well written film. RJ Shaan’s direction is near flawless. 

Few moments to take note of:

  1. The prologue
  2. The epilogue (you’ll be left with a bittersweet feel and a lot many questions to ponder)
  3. The final confrontation 
  4. The scene where Anupama tells her husband what their daughter accidentally discovered on his smartphone
  5. The way Shajahan expresses his frustration on his team mate Niharika when she calls him during a heated discussion with his wife
  6. The Semiya Upma thread 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 

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