Anti-fans Calling Rajamouli Copy Master Justifiable?

Anti-fans Calling Rajamouli Copy Master Justifiable?

23 Oct 20 @ 12:22 PM | By Bindusri Meduri

Like success and failure, praises and criticism are common in any field. Even the greatest filmmakers have to face the trolls, and Darsaka Dheera Rajamouli is no exception. Although he is the hit-machine of Indian cinema, and his films celebrate great triumph at the box-office, he also has a huge anti-fan base, which finds fault with his work. The same has happened yesterday after the release of the much-anticipated Ramaraju For Bheem - Jr NTR's introduction video from RRR. While some alleged him for lifting some stock images from the internet, some trolled him over the controversial look of Jr NTR. But, is it justifiable to troll him before we know the actual truth? It is not. 

Coming to Rajamouli using some stock images and using them in the teaser, it is totally acceptable as those stock images are for sale and can be used by anyone. Moreover, he and several other filmmakers used such template material when creating Pre-teaser promos. All those props are purchased by paying the price to the owners. As we all have known, the months-long lockdown break has halted almost every film production across the globe, including RRR. As the film unit might not have got enough time to work on the spectacular visuals, they might have used the stock images. Coming to the NTR's controversial look (as he was shown in a Muslim avatar), the film is a fantasy drama, and we are yet unsure about the story of the film. That look can be part of a disguise used by the character.

On the whole, Rajamouli although keeps mum on the trolls, answers them with his films, and we assume that all his anti-fans get a befitting reply post the release of RRR. 

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