Anasuya's Sexy Trick Working In Favour?

Anasuya's Sexy Trick Working In Favour?

29 Aug 20 @ 1:11 PM | By Jilani & Bindu

Celebrities need to be extra cautious when they talk or do something in public or social media platforms as paparazzi will always have their lens set on them. If they get stuck in any sort of controversy, it would take them years to revert the lost fame and limelight. But, for anchor-actress Anasuya Bharadwaj just one trick is enough to amass popularity each passing day, and that one secret trick of her is glamorous photoshoots. If we have a look at her controversial track record, almost everything seems to be a silly issue.

Anasuya raised voice over the obscene dialouge in Arjun Reddy, but it got misfired. Later, she got criticized for her act, where she smashed the phone of a kid who is taking photos on the road. With both these incidents, her image should go down, but Anasuya with her sexy photoshoots won the likes of youngsters. Coming to the recent incident, Anasuya questioned about paying EMI's after Telangana government enforced lockdown in the state, and netizens trolled her heavily.

Though she tried to give a proper explanation, netizens gave her a deaf hear. With this, she once again sharpened her wits and played glamour trick. Needless to say, it worked in her favor once again.

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