An early OTT release - A wrong move?

An early OTT release - A wrong move?

27 Jan 21 @ 5:26 PM | By Divya Nair

We have time and again asserted that OTTs have altered the way movies are watched. One may vouch for the fact that OTTs do not give a cinematic experience, something that can be enjoyed only in theaters, but there is no denying that films now have a wider viewer base as compared to those when released in theaters. The OTTs have opened avenues to new filmmakers, to small budget projects that promise worthy content, have expanded the horizons by breaking the language and territorial boundaries. After all, who would want to put his/her life at risk during a pandemic for the sake of entertainment. When there is OTT release, just sit back and enjoy - goes the motto now!

Well well well! Despite the fear of the pandemic, Vijay's Master got a screening in packed theaters and entered the 200 Cr Club in just a week of its release. Thalapathy Vijay is, no doubt, a crowd puller. His films always promise a grand cinematic experience, the very reason for frenzied fans to throng theaters. His recent release Master was no exception either. It satiated the hunger of moviebuffs who were eagerly waiting for a theater release. Master was also considered to be the redeemer for an industry that was nose-diving into huge losses due to the pandemic. And we must say that it delivered what it had promised. Similar holds true for Telugu film Krack. Starring Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, the film satisfied the need for a masala entertainer especially after a slew of 'realistic' cinemas on OTT platforms.

Ironically, both the films which were doing extremely well in theaters have announced an OTT premiere very soon. Master is set to stream on Amazon Prime on Jan 29 and Krack on Aha on Feb 5.

With this move, don't you think the makers are sending a wrong signal to the audience? It gives an impression to those who have plans to watch the film in theaters to put off their visit, as anyway they can could watch the film at a convenient time and in a place. Master is ready for a stream within two weeks of its release! Can you believe that! Can't the makers postpone it for a couple of days given that the film was marketed as the 'Savior Of the Industry'. At least Krack's release on Aha was postponed by a week to leverage profits, thanks to the extra screenings with another week in theaters.

Well, we cannot blame the makers either. The OTT deal would have been signed before the release, in times of uncertainty. After all, all want a fair chance in the game called cinema!

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