Amiable, Relatable, And Brilliantly Ordinary - Vivek Will Be Missed

Amiable, Relatable, And Brilliantly Ordinary - Vivek Will Be Missed

17 Apr 21 @ 11:01 AM | By GitacharYa

It was already a hard to digest news when I read that Vivek was hospitalised due to cardiac arrest. For he was such an amiable person on screen with roles tailor made to Appeal to the common man side of the audience. He's a good friend. He always wishes the best for our heroes. As much as we love Vikram in Anniyan or Aparichithudu for his sheer brilliance, it is through the character of Vivek that we got to know and sympathised with Ramanujam.. The way Vivek's Chary stays with Ramanujam in the thick and thin phases of life is whats the most endearing and humanised portion of the relentlessly vigilante film. 

It is those amiable and relatable friends roles that Vivek has played in a number of films created a similarly lovable chap impression on the senior actor. Those who watched films like Anniyan or Minnale feel like having a friend like him. His greatness as an actor lies in the fact that even when he played a serious role like Rudhran Ganesan in Vellai Pookkal he didn't miss the basic human bonding. We have to watch his expression in the scene where his foreigner granddaughter calls him Appa (father). 

It is the same amicable, non-egotistic, and brilliantly ordinary nature will forever be missed by millions of movie buffs across Tamil Nadu and Teluguland. One of the rarest actors who always try to convey an underlying message about humanity through his comic roles, Vivek is a noted environmentalist in his own way.

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