Amazon's Foul-up: A Story About How It Dug Its Own Hole

Amazon's Foul-up: A Story About How It Dug Its Own Hole

5 Sep 20 @ 6:12 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

Overenthusiasm kills even the biggest opportunities, and streaming giant Amazon Prime's recent foul-up in promoting V, has costed it a fortune. Ever since the inception of the film, makers have mooted that Nani is playing a ruthless man in the film. Maintaining the same hype, and keeping Aditi's character a secret, they have perfectly cut the teaser and trailer, making the audience avid to watch the film under any circumstances.

When the movie was about to release within a few hours, Amazon has exploded a bomb by releasing a clean-shaven look of Nani hugging Aditi. And, this one picture has shattered all the expectations of the audience to ground. While the super clever audiences have already imagined that the story of the film revolves around Aditi, and Nani turns a baddie just for her, Prime proved it right with that one photo.

This blunder by Prime has killed enthusiasm among more than half of the audience, resulting in a drop in viewership. If Prime hadn't revealed this picture, the suspense would have been intact, and the audience would have watched the film, and the viewership would have reached the expectations.

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