Alcohol Is Injurious To Cinemas

Alcohol Is Injurious To Cinemas

16 May 20 @ 5:35 PM | By GitacharYa

Everyone Loves To Watch Films

Everyone around the world love to watch films. It’s a sort of celebration for some, relaxation for some, or an exercise of intelligence for some. For the makers, it’s an art and a form of expressing artistic vision. And of course, commerce. The way to earn big bucks. But whatever the reason, watching films and going to cinemas is quite different in different countries.

Nag Ashwin’s Post

Some countries treat Cinema as Cinema, some others treat cinemas as a way of life. In foreign countries, theatres sell liquor, especially the lighter varieties like beer and breezers to the visitors. The same is suggested by Nag Ashwin, the young director of Mahanati fame.

He posted on Twitter: Once In a talk with Suresh Babu garu and Rana, it came up what if theatres get a license to serve beer/breezer/wine, like in other countries..could it increase footfalls...could it save the theatre business (which does need saving)...what do you think? Good idea, bad idea?

His Retrospection 

He further added retrospecting: So will keep the family audience away...can be an option at few multiplexes maybe, but not a solution...what do u think theatres need to do to get ppl back? to increase audience...will you come back as soon as theatres open or wait & watch for a few weeks before going?

Will It Really Work?

Even as the dilemma about the opening of theatres in Teluguland continues, this one appears to be a viable idea at least to bring the youth and the mass flocking. Or is it truly so?

We have seen how people of both genders flock to the liquor shops when they’re opened. On the surface selling beer/breezed/wine may appear harmless. But what about the behaviour and maturity levels of our people? Haven’t we seen several people involve in drunken brawls every day? Even the educated are uncontrollable. There are several incidents of high profile employees doing galabha on the roads or fight with traffic police having consuming alcohol.

Is It To Encourage More Youth To Save Dogs?

One more big issue is safety. Imagine a situation a young lady or a family woman with children stuck in the premises of theatres without help. God only knows what such situations lead to, with majority of drunken people around. We have seen the brother of a minister bashing on the head of a popular singer with beer bottles on the head when he interfered the Eve teasing of his girlfriend.

There are several reports that the issue to be taken out of court for easy settlement. We have seen a minister’s son taking an escape route after misbehaving with a woman on the streets of the city saying that he was trying to save a dog. We know how drunken men have become big part of terror for ladies even in residential areas. Imagine the situation of the mass audience who are drunk!!! Don’t we know how families avoid the surroundings of a liquor shop?

Bringing people to the theatres is not an easy job, to be honest. But we also must understand that Cinema is not as vulnerable as we think. Audience may or may not flock to theatres once they are open. But there’s nothing like watching Cinema in a theatre.

Mark our words: OTT will go out of fashion in a couple of years. Good old Cinema will survive another pandemic. The collective Cinema watching experience in dim lights in a theatre is a shared subconscious experience that cannot be replaced. It’s an addiction. It’s a therapy for the soul. Cinema survived the onslaught of television. OTTs aren’t a big problem in the long run. But serving liquor is!

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