Tracing The History Behind Akshay Kumar’s Year Of Miracle 2019

Tracing The History Behind Akshay Kumar’s Year Of Miracle 2019

9 Sep 20 @ 5:30 PM | By GitacharYa

In a world where acting in 10 films has become tough for many actors, scoring more than dozen consecutive hits is a feat that should be treated worth celebrating. The highest number of consecutive hits an Indian actor scored was 17. And it was in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Rajesh Khanna was the actor. Not even Amitabh Bachchan - the Shahenshah - beat that record. Not Shah Rukh Khan - the Badshah - came nearer to it. In fact, the record is all but unbeatable*. 

*Conditions apply. 

Come 2010s and a once action and comedy star who has not a single film in the prestigious 200 Cr. Club has come within a shot of breaking it. It’s none other than Akshay Kumar. The reigning superstar of Bollywood, and generally one of the biggest stars in India. That he’s one of the highest paid actors in the world is no surprise because the amount of efforts he put into his films and the work he does off screen is virtually unheard of. 

We have known actors who took money to support a supposedly anti-national group to promote (their) films, Akshay Kumar is one who supports the causes even years after his film’s release. He never stopped talking about the importance of sanitary napkins for women ever since he took up the cause in his film Pad Man. He never stopped helping people get toilets even after he has acted in about half a dozen films after Toilet Ek Prem Katha. 

Currently, he’s sitting on 13 consecutive hits and is assured of breaking the record created by one Rajesh Khanna for whom he was said to have tasted the smell of a lathi, just to get a look at him. That... he’s the son-in-law of that superstar Rajesh Khanna, the owner of 17 consecutive hit movies is just a fact that proves hard-work always pays you, if you’re smart enough. 

The year 2019 remains the Year of Miracle for him. After scoring a critical and commercial success with the patriotic action drama Kesari, he first joined the 200 Cr. Club with Mission Mangal and one-upped its success with - you know what? - a critically panned film like Housefull 4 which stands as the biggest hit of his career as a lead actor (2.0 stands as a film where he played an antagonist). Lastly, he shared the Good Newwz once again with his fans - the third consecutive 200 Cr. film.

Pycker wishes superstar Akshay Kumar a Happy Birthday and wish to see him complete the remarkable 2-dozen consecutive hits soon.

Good Newwz - 204 Cr. Housefull 4 - 211.54 Cr. India Nett Mission Mangal - 202.23 Cr. India Nett Kesari - 154.54 Cr. India Nett
Akshay Kumar’s Year Of Miracle 2019
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