Aha Bujjiga! - 2 Months On, How The Raj Tarun Starrer Fared On OTT?

Aha Bujjiga! - 2 Months On, How The Raj Tarun Starrer Fared On OTT?

11 Dec 20 @ 6:30 PM | By GitacharYa

Orey Bujjiga was thought of as the last line of defence for for the career of Raj Tarun. The makers were in confusion whether to release it in theatres in an uncertain future or to go the way of OTTs. While the initial offer was more profitable, the team refused it. But with the result Natural Star Nani’s V the movie had seen, the prices offered for the later movies had gone down. The fate was the same for Orey Bujjiga. And Raj Tarun is mostly forgotten. 

But still, the movie made hey the second time round and though the profits were not too good, the makers still ended up with great bucks up their belts. For them the movie was a big hit (just under a bit to be declared a super hit). But what about the OTT? Already there was a talk spreading that mediocre stuff is dumped on OTTs. 

Expectedly, and unfortunately for Raj Tarun and team, the Vijay Kumar Konda directorial received mixed response from the critics. There were some scathing reviews too. And then there was the big competition from Anushka Shetty’s similarly chastised Nishabdam. But the feel good nature of the film, the relatively breezy first half where chatting and modern social media play a huge part in the narrration, and the fresh chemistry between Raj Tarun and Malavika Nair worked big time. And people watched it as a timepass movie for a lazy weekend.

While the first month gathered about 7.33 lakh unique views, the second month too saw a relatively whopping 2.45 lakhs of unique views (as of this writing). All in all, Orey Bujjiga which was bought for about Rs. 4.07 Cr. Made about a revenue (indirect) of Rs. 4.78 Cr. Now, we can term Orey Bujjiga a Hit venture for Aha. In the long run, there are all chances that this entertainer will cross 1 Million unique views and bring in more profits. 

Finally: Aha Bujjiga! says Aha Video. 

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