Again Proves Women Still Need Endorsement Of Men To Get Justice

Again Proves Women Still Need Endorsement Of Men To Get Justice

15 Jan 21 @ 1:09 PM | By GitacharYa

No... (a subtle pause) means... (another pause) No!

Imagine the same dialogue has come from the mouth of the Shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan. But not in the context of the movie but when he watched the trailer of Vakeel Saab. 

If you just remember or imagine Vakeel Saab is not a remake of the Bollywood neo classic Pink (a film with multi-layered storytelling having a title with multiple meanings and contexts) all will be okay. It’s just a star vehicle of Power Star Pawan Kalyan when he’s making a comeback. It just happens that the film has taken a small plot element from Pink. This film is more about Vakeel Saab and one of the cases he has taken up. 

But there is a bigger problem here. People still call and market this as Pink remake. Pink is more about the girls who faced trouble from this unchanged world which is deeply populated with patriarchic mindsets. They just get help from an old and grumpy lawyer who helps them rather than endorsing their rights.

Right from the first look to the posters to the glimpses to the teaser/trailer promos, we haven’t seen the face of any of three girls. Here! 

It’s all about Pawan Kalyan and his comeback. And how to make his comeback a viable help (through propaganda) to his fledgling political career. But the biggest problem here is all this is giving hints at one of the most troublesome issues of these days. The teaser is strongly indicating that women still need the endorsement of male beings to get justice. If we say this out loudly, the fans of the actor come up in numbers and say that it is only because of him that the film and its message are reaching a wider public. 

But isn’t it like telling that our people are still unable to understand No means No unless it is uttered by a commercial hero in his more heroic comeback than in a film that focuses on the right issue? Where is this all leading to? Isn’t it ironic that a film that should ideally have been about the hypocrisy in our system and how it is twisted according to the whims of a few and how women folk are robbed of justice because of the male egos and toxic masculinity is endorsed by an alpha male and his charity?

This issue aside, if we take Vakeel Saab as just another commercial potboiler coming from a star hero, the teaser is a slick watch with rightly cut frames and a well composed background score. As an otherwise Pawan Kalyan fan, I have enjoyed his looks (more like Mahesh in Thums Up ad than in his films - read: too chocolaty) and swag. The way he walks in the end is as majestic as ever and reminds us of the glorious stroll of a lion. Of course with a beard. 

A blockbuster is on cards. But don’t call this Pink remake from now on! It’s an insult for both these movies. 


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