Adipurush:  Wild Guessing Game Of Tollywood Rumours Gone Wrong Again

Adipurush:  Wild Guessing Game Of Tollywood Rumours Gone Wrong Again

28 Sep 20 @ 4:33 PM | By GitacharYa & Jilani

Surprisingly for a film starring Tollywood’s pride - Prabhas - Adipurush, while national media and Bollywood film buffs going gaga over its story and scope, Telugu websites and a few movie buffs have been questioning the choice of story and the quick release date. Earlier it was the announcement of release date (2022 Summer) that was discussed. Many gossip sites wrote that the film will be in video game style and will be wound up rather than made with detail.

But one thing everyone is missing is - even Hollywood filmmakers complete the films rather quickly and it is the post production that takes much time. As per what the makers of Adipurush say the Om Raut movie will be shot mostly in visual effects in the style of Amar Chitra Katha (a lot of planning will go into the visuals and style) and the actual shoot will be completed in 6 months. They also promise world class graphics

Now, it seems the naysayers started to come up with another theory. They say Adipurush will be a film that’s not Ramayana. They are forgetting the fact that the makers made it clear in the beginning that Adipurush will be based on Ramayana. Not an exact replica of Ramayana. Here, we have to understand the words ‘based on’ clearly. The movie will follow the broad outline of Ramayana or follow its essence of the victory of good over evil. That’s why they come up with a name Lankesh - another name to Ravana.

Rama is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who’s called the Adipurush. Means, the film which also stars Saif Ali Khan is a fantastical story which is based on Ramayana in a broader sense. So, there is no question of saying it’s not Ramayana. Moreover, there’s still 3 months to the actual start of the shoot. So, why speculate negatively on a pan-India film starring our own darling Prabhas?

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