Adipurush Is More Than What Meets The Eye - Exclusive Details

Adipurush Is More Than What Meets The Eye - Exclusive Details

19 Aug 20 @ 7:13 PM | By GitacharYa

The unanticipated announcement of Adipurush has made Rebel Star Prabhas fans and movie buffs jump with joy as the actor is all set to rule the Indian cinema like never before. Now, giving wings to their expectations, yesteryear star hero and Prabhas’ uncle Rebel Star Krishnam Raju revealed a few more things.

Lord Vishnu is hailed as Adipurush (Vatapatrasayi), and from him, all the cosmos originates. The film is based on a fantasy script that touches upon never before seen aspects of Indian Mythos and Itihaasas. It’ll be made on a lavish budget (initial estimation: Rs. 400 Cr.). Prabhas who is mighty impressed with the script has been aiming to go big with this film. The movie will connect with the nation which is emotionally on a high since the foundation set for Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

Krishnam Raju who is very fond of Darling said that the movie will catapult him to the next level and he wants him to aim bigger and achieve international superstardom. Krishnan Raju who divulged the information about this film further added that Adipirush is the right star vehicle for him to make it to Hollywood just like Baahubali made him a pan-India star. Yes. We concur with this, though it may appear a little far-fetched right now. Prabhas proved that he single-handedly can turn a weaker subject into a box office phenomenon with Saaho which is one of the highest-grossing Indian films of all time.

Krishnam Raju said that Adipurush is the product of Prabhas’ promise to give him a dinner in Beverly Hills where the who and who’s of Hollywood reside. Means, Prabhas will grow to the level of international superstars with Adipurush. Krishnam Raju is confident that Prabhas will buy a house in Beverly Hills and fulfils his wish.

In another exclusive news, our sources made it clear that to give it a more exotic look and feel, and to add strong acting talent for the female lead role, Keerthy Suresh is being considered for that part. The Mahanati actress who won the National Award has also made inroads into the hearts of the North Indian audience with Penguin which brought her new fans there. Well, this will be an interesting combination.

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