Actress Makes SMART Move To Revive Her Career, GUESS WHO?

Actress Makes SMART Move To Revive Her Career, GUESS WHO?

7 Apr 21 @ 5:29 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

Getting film offers is as difficult as marking a debut in the industry. Not only talent, but luck should also favour the actors to make it big. For the smooth flow in the industry, it's important that one has a handful of offers. But despite sincere efforts, if luck does not strike them there is still a way to get offers. Wondering how is that possible and what it would be? Well, maintain a good rapport with the actors, filmmakers, and producers. Although it would not fetch big offers, it will definitely help the struggling actors get some meaty offers. The same is the case with Tollywood's latest young diva.

Like all others, this young diva also made her debut with the dream to excel in the industry. Although she debuted with a small film, she bagged a special role later. While her career was expected to sail smoothly, but it was not the same case later. With no offers, her career seemed to have reached rock bottom, but she did not give up and had made every effort to bag offers. In this process, she got an offer to sizzle in the special song, which also became a turning point in her career.

She has impressed the director with her performance, and this created a good rapport between them. Later, the director helped her bag a big-ticket film. During the shoot, she became a good friend with the actor who is also helping her bag some good/ decent roles.

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