Aandavaney! Aandavaney! Mahesh To Do A Film With Muruga Nolan?

Aandavaney! Aandavaney! Mahesh To Do A Film With Muruga Nolan?

27 Aug 20 @ 5:08 PM | By GitacharYa

Ever since he burst on the scene in Tollywood in 1999 with Rajakumarudu, the reigning superstar of Telugu Cinema, Mahesh Babu is expected to do a James Bond Style film. The reasons are many. Prime among them are his cosmopolitan good looks which are comparable to the best of the Hollywood actors. And another big reason is the legacy he carries. After all, his father the legendary superstar Krishna is the first actor in india to nail the James Bond genre.

When Tamil director Murugadoss announced a Telugu-Tamil bilingual with Mahesh, the anticipation was so high for that film. Murugadoss was one of the highly rated talents and commercially successful directors in South Indian Cinema. He promised a spy thriller much to the delight of Mahesh fans and movie buffs in general. The teaser where a spider-like AI Gadget (read: robot) featured, took the expectations to the next level. But the film unravelled right from the first show.

There were several parents who brought children to the theatres as they wanted to watch the beloved superstar going through adventures with high-tech gadgets - and a world class spy thriller is in the offing - (ironically the film was titled SPYder) were hugely disappointed. Fans felt like they were personally insulted by the filmmaker.

There are no doubts about Murugadoss’ talents (he’s even called Muruga Nolan). He’s still one of the well respected directors who delivered a 250 crore blockbuster. But fans couldn’t forget and forgive the disastrous failure called SPYder. Now, it is rumoured strongly that Mahesh is going to do a film with Murugadoss before joining the sets of Rajamouli film. This is worrying the fans.

On one hand, this looks like a chance of redemption for Murugadoss. On the other hand, fans don’t want Mahesh to risk once again. ARM is also out of form. As for his lineup, Mahesh who’s currently doing Sarkaru Vaari Paata is expected to do a film with Anil Ravipudi (most probably F3). And then depending on time gap, he may commit to Murugadoss film. So, fans need not lose sleep.

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