Aakasham Nee Haddu Raa (Soorarai Pottru) OTT Profit-Loss Analysis

Aakasham Nee Haddu Raa (Soorarai Pottru) OTT Profit-Loss Analysis

1 Sep 20 @ 4:54 PM | By GitacharYa

Aakasham Nee Haddu Raa or Soorarai Pottru in Tamil is one of the highly anticipated films in south India. One reason is Sudha Kongara’s first original film after Irudhi Suttru. And that it’s based on the highly inspiring life of Air Deccan founder G. R. Gopinath. Tamil star hero Suriya who has been going through a lean patch is now banking on this film to hit back and regain box office form. It’s not fair that such a highly talented star hero forever going through failures.

It should have been released long ago or would have been postponed for lack of deals whatever we wouldn’t say for sure. Suriya himself announced that he has to pay debts to the sum of about 70 Cr. during the release of Ponmagal Vandhal. Later he announced that he still has to pay about 65 Cr. to be debt free. But the issue is Soorarai Pottru is a big film and has the potential to bring him big bucks. But with no sight of theatrical release soon, he again had to resort to an OTT release if he finds a good deal.

As per our close sources who are some of the most reliable box office trackers the movie is sold to OTT giant Amazon for a fancy price. It’ll be released on Prime Video on 30 October. Now, do you know how much Amazon is paying Soorarai makers? It’s Rs. 67.78 Cr. The movie is made on a medium budget and Suriya who was expecting a theatrical deal of about Rs. 75 Cr. (Suriya’s market potential) is game for this. Apart from this, the film is also optioned for satellite rights to the extent of Rs. 36-44 Cr. All this totals to about Rs. 108 Cr. (Averaging all).

This may not look a big deal from the outside, but Suriya hit a jackpot and is nearly debt free now. He also pocketed a handsome profit of about Rs. 55 Cr. which includes his salary as an actor). As 2D Entertainment is involved in production, Suriya waived his salary and opted for a lion share in profits. Overall, the movie can be termed a massive blockbuster for the makers as the official budget is said to be Rs. 15 Cr. and unofficially, it’s estimated to be 25 Cr.

Soorarai Pottru or Aakasham Nee Haddu Raa remains the biggest South Indian star hero film to hit the OTTs directly. Suriya has become a game changer. Now it’ll be interesting to see how other films will be affected by this.

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