A Titbit Analysis Into The First Look Of Baahubali : The Conclusion

A Titbit Analysis Into The First Look Of Baahubali : The Conclusion

24 Nov 17 @ 5:29 PM | By Sai

When the makers of a film roll out its first look poster, their intention is to give us a feel of the movie. Based on that, we build our expectations on the movie, its characters. So, on 22nd October, the first look of 2017's most awaited movie, Baahubali : The Conclusion was out and the social media went berserk over the first look of Rajamouli’s second serving of Baahubali. We are sure most of our eyes lit up with joy looking at the first poster. But, once the motion poster was released with Daler Mehndi singing a few lines from what seemed the theme song of Baahubali : The Conclusion, the excitement knew no bounds. It only made us wish if April was not as far as it seems. We took a closer look at the first look poster and we actually found some interesting tidbit about the first look of Baahubali : The Conclusion.

  • The calmer Shivudu has turned into an outraged Mahendra Baahubali

    In both the parts of Baahubali, the first look poster has been centered on Shivudu or Mahendra Baahubali. While in the first part, Shivudu seemed calmer unaware of his identity and walking past the rocks against a huge waterfalls, the second one looks more thundering and outrageous. With an intense look, against the backdrop of his father Amarendra Baahubali, the second part’s first look speaks more about an outraged Mahendra Baahubali who has identified himself and wants to seek justice.

  • The ‘Hands’ : Chain with which his mother was tied

    Take a look at Shivudu’s left hand which is wrapped around with a chain. It looks like the chain with which his mother was tethered. Upon realizing his identity, Mahendra Baahubali looks to avenge the torture his mother was put through.

  • The ‘Hands’ : Sword used by his father

    On the right hand, Shivudu is carrying the sword that was used by his father in the battle. With the chain in one hand and sword in another, Shivudu looks like he has found the answer to the question ‘Why Katappa Killed Baahubali?’, a question that has been troubling the nation for quite some time.

  • The REBELlious Attitude

    With a more intense look, one side we have Mahendra Baahubali walking down to avenge the loss he suffered and behind we find his father and the King, Amarendra Baahubali, who also seems rebellious in his rugged looks.

  • The Vengeful tone set by the background theme music

    ‘Bali Bali Bali ra Bali.. Sahore Baahubali..!’ – The song that we hear in background, gives us the needed goosebumps setting the tone for the second part of this epic story. Sung by Daler Mehndi, this song is quite loud on telling us the tone of Baahubali : The Conclusion – A Vengeful Saga!

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