8 Songs of A R Rahman Inspired By Global Musicians

8 Songs of A R Rahman Inspired By Global Musicians

4 May 18 @ 3:52 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

A. R. Rahman is one of the most accomplished music composers in India. He has churned out many chart busters and has even won an Oscar for his creative work in 'Slumdog Millionaire'. He has composed many award winning Tamil songs as well. However, like many other composers, he too has ripped off others' tunes and labelled them as his own. Although this might be shocking, Rahman has been doing for quite sometime. This may be bitter to most ears but before you jump to conclusions, we suggest you to listen to the music and decide for yourself whether he is a copycat composer or creative musician.

  1. Kuluvalilae (Muthu)

    The music in Muthu was appreciated by many. The music album was a treat to his fans. However, the bitter news is that Rahman lifted the underlying beats of 'Rescue Me' which was performed by Fontella Bass. The only face saving grace here is that Rahman imbued some local flavour into Fontella's work. It also bears resemblance to Madonna's chart buster 'Like a Virgin'.

  2. Sonapareeya (Maryan)

    Beyonce is quite a famous pop singer. She released 'Run The World', a song which became famous due to its funky music. Rahman lifted some the beats and neatly incorporated them into the Tamil song. However, Rahman added few more beats to Beyonce's composition to suit the local flavour.

  3. Pudhu Vellai Mazhai (Roja)

    The song is very soothing and it was very well shot. The song captures the beauty of the newly wed couple and of Kashmir. If you listen carefully, the song repeats the musical notes over and over again. The same beats were featured in the iconic background music of 'Chariots of Fire'.

  4. Anbae Anbae (Jeans)

    'Last Temptation of Christ' was a critically acclaimed film. It's music album was composed by Peter Gabriel. Rahman copied the basic notes and increased the tempo of the soundtrack 'These, Hope'. The modified music was used in the romantic song 'Anbae Anbae'.

  5. Ennai Kaanavillaaiye (Kadhal Desam)

    Ennai Kaanavillaaiye is a beautiful song. The song has minimal amount of music and yet is really melodious. This song's beats were copied from Enigma's 'Hallelujah'. Rahman increased the tempo of the underlying music and used it for his song.

  6. Endendrum Punnagai (Alaipayuthey)

    The casual song from Alaipayuthey has been copied from the Backstreet Boys iconic song 'Everybody'. The chart buster music composition has been lifted very neatly and has been incorporated in the Tamil song. Excepting the lyrics, nearly everything is the same.

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  8. Thenmerku Paruvakkatru (Karuthamma)

    The fast-paced song is a lift from Dr. Alban's 'It's My Life'. The song has not been changed much. The composition and fast-paced tempo still remain the same. Be the judge for this observation.

  9. Omana Penne (Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa)

    The Tamil song became quite famous. It was also shot very well. However, the singing style and some of the key notes were copied from MJ's 'One More Chance' song. Fortunately, we can say that A. R. Rahman didn't copy everything from MJ's song as he modified his composition here and there.

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