A Collection of 50+ Most Powerful Trivikram Srinivas Dialogues

A Collection of 50+ Most Powerful Trivikram Srinivas Dialogues

12 Oct 18 @ 5:32 PM | By Vamshi

Perhaps Trivikram Srinivas is the only writer cum director among the contemporaries who use Telugu language to the best in his dialogues. Be it a comedy dialogue or an emotional one or about human values or about life, the audience do watch his films especially for Trivikram brand dialogues. The deep meaning of his dialogues portrayed by realistic characters in his films is the best possible way a writer cum director can do to take his film to the audience. Probably after the legendary writer and director Jandhyala, Trivikram is the only writer who is most respected. Whenever Trivikram’s films arrive at the box office, every audience anticipates for worthy dialogues, punch dialogues & quotes and that is why he is called ‘Maatala Maatrikudu’ (Wizard of Words). Here let's check out some of the Best Trivikram dialogue collection that have stayed with us over time. 

  • Trivkram Dialogues in Aravinda Sametha

    Trivikram moved out of his comfort zone of the urban setting and humorous dialogues, he had delivered a truly unexpected film from his side. Though Aravinda Sametha is a faction film, to begin with, he had broken many stereotypes of the genre and also dished out some of the best dialogues of his career. Especially his dialogue on war and peace and the subtle message on women empowerment stands out among the best in recent times. You can see the best dialogues delivered by Young Tiger N. T. R. and co in the film Aravinda Sametha below.

    Aravinda Sametha Powerful dialogues - About war and peace Aravinda Sametha powerful dialogues - about refraining from violence and also emphasizing being humble doesn't mean you are wrong Aravinda Sametha powerful dialogues - About the power of words Aravinda Sametha dialogues - A great dialogue on women empowerment Aravinda Sametha powerful dialogues - Saying only the great can stand for peace Aravinda Sametha powerful dialogues - About perseverance
    Trivikram Dialogues from Aravinda Sametha
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Agnyaathavaasi

    Agnyaathavaasi is yet another action-packed film from Trivikram in which Pawan Kalyan is enacting as a prince who is in exile. Trivikram has once again written the dialogues about the life. In his perspective, whatever the comforts we are all enjoying today, there must be a mini-war happened behind making of it. The irony of life is, we don't know about the struggles but enjoys the comforts. You can see the best dialogues delivered by Pawan Kalyan in the film Agnyaathavaasi below.

    Trivikram dialogue from Agnyaathavaasi - Pawan Kalayan says about the Myth and the Truth Trivikram dialogue from Agnyaathavaasi - Pawan Kalayan says about Nature Best Agnyaathavaasi Dialogue From Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan Combo
    Agnyaathavaasi Dialogues
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Jalsa

    Trivikram Dialogues in Jalsa movie redefined the meaning of winning a war. Hero of the film Pawan Kalyan after outsmarting the villain, says ‘Yuddam Lo Gelavatam Ante Shatruvuni Champatam Kadu, Shatruvunu Odinchadam’ which means ‘The ultimate aim of winning a war is defeating your rival not killing him/her.' This one stands as one of the best in Trivikram Pawan Kalyan combination. Trivikram Srinivas dialogues in his earlier Telugu movie, Athadu, impressed audience much, so, he penned carefully for his next i.e. Jalsa.

    Bedirimpuki bhasha Oka manishiki unte kopam Yudhamlo gelavadam ante Andanga undatam ante Nenu margadarshilo cheranu Andanga undatam ante Kottukovalunukunna thittukovalanukunna Akalesi tinadaniki tindi undi
    Dialogues from Jalsa
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Athadu

    Athadu dialogues clarify the meaning of a lie and deceiving a person. ‘Nijam Cheppakapovadam Abaddam. Abaddanni Nijam Cheyyanukovadam Mosam,’ is what Mahesh utters when he faces an unexpected situation in the movie. Possibly this stands as one of the best Trivikram dialogues in Telugu. 

    Nijam cheppakapovadam Manalni champalanukunna vanni
    Dialogues from Athadu
  • Trivikram Dialogues in S/o Sathyamurthy

    ‘Manam Bagunnappudu Lekkalu Matladi, Kashtallo Unnappudu Viluvalu Matladoddu,' which means ‘We should not talk about money when we are in high spirits and about the values in difficulties.' This Trivikram punch dialogue is from the movie S/O Sathyamurthy which is based on human values. Off late, this is one of the best from the set of Trivikram dialogues collection. 

    Manam bagunnappudu Telisi chesedi mosam Thelivithetalu vadalsindi
    Dialogues from S/O Sathyamurthy
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Atharintiki Daaredi

    'Yekkada Neggalo Kaadura, Yekkada Thaggalo Thelisina Vaadu Goppa Vaadu.’ This dialogue is from the movie Atharintiki Daaredi wherein Pawan Kalyan comes to his knees in an emotional scene. Actor MS Narayana who is Pawan’s assistant in the film, utters this dialogue which later became very popular for the depth it conveys. After Jalsa dialogues, this movie dialogues are marked as the Trivikram's Best Dialogues.

    Ekkada neggalo kaadu Ravi chettuki pooja chestam Tegipoyetappude daaram balam Chudappa Siddappa
    Dialogues from Atharintiki Dareedi
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  • Trivikram Dialogues in Manmadhudu

    Upon realising that a couple who are his employees now facing issues with elders in taking their relationship to marriage, Nagarjuna as Abhi in Manmadhudu enters their house to give some words of wisdom to their parents which actually makes a lot of sense - 'Alludu Meeku Nachakapoina Parvaledu, Epudo pandagaki okasari vachi velthadu. Kani Mogudu Eppudu Pakkane Untadu, Nachakapothe Kalisi Brathakadam Kastam'.

    Devudu, Kallunnayani santoshinche lope Alludu meeku nachakapoyina
    Dialogues from Manmadhudu
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Nuvve Nuvve

    ‘Andaru Nava Maasalu Mosina Thalli Gurinchi Maatladutharu Kani, Puttinappati Nuchi Pelli Mandapam Varaku Thisukuvelle Thandri Gurinchi Yevaru Maatladaru,’ this is one of the best Trivikram dialogues about life. Some of the Nuvve Nuvve dialogues talk a lot about the beautiful relationship between father and a daughter whom he loves a lot.

    Manam tappu chestunnamo Dabbulunna vallandaroo Kanna tallinee, Gudilo devunnee Oka manishini premisthe Sampadinchadam chetakani vadiki Oka ammayini preminchadaniki Andaroo navamaasalu mosina Manakante peddavallante
    Dialogues from Nuvve Nuvve
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Malliswari

    ‘Aada Pillaku Gunaanni Minchina Aasthi Ledu’ from the movie Malliswari. This film has many noticeable dialogues but this particular one should be watched out as hero Venkatesh in the film is stubborn to marry a girl who works as a maid. Trivikram dialogues in Telugu became popular with this heart touching dialogue about a woman.

    Aadapillaku Gunaanni Pani chesi jeetam
    Dialogues from Mallishwari
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Julai

    ‘Manam Istham Ga Anukunedhe Adrushtam, Balanga Korukunedhi Bavishyathu’ - Take a closer look into the lines, the Trivikram Srinivas dialogues in Julai makes any person believe in themselves. Julayi dialogues speak about courage and confidence. 

    Bhayapadatamlone Logiclu evaru Aasha cancer unnavadini Manam ishtanga
    Dialogues from Julai
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Khaleja

    Here is the complete dialogue, ‘Adbutham jarigetappudu yevaru gurtinchaleru, jarigina tharuvatha yevvaru gurtinchalsina avasaram ledu,' This Mahesh dialogue in Khaleja movie in which he is worshipped as God by a village.

    Adbhutam jarigetappudu
    Dialogues from Khaleja
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Nuvvu Naku Nachav

    Nuvvu Naku  Nachav is another gem of a writing done by Trivikram Srinivas. Despite being a light-hearted comedy entertainer, the film has several dialogues which touch upon on the beauty of familial relationships, the importance of friends, the social system of marriage and several other aspects. You can see the best dialogues of Trivikram Srinivas from Nuvvu Naaku Nachav below.

    Badhalo unnavadini Manushulu puttake Manam gelichinappudu
    Dialogues from Nuvvu Naku Nachav
  • Trivikram Dialogues in A Aa

    Although the film is largely inspired from Yaddanapudi Sulochanarani’s popular novel ‘Meena’, the dialogues of the film are straight from Trivikram’s pen. In each scene, you would at least come across one powerful dialogue that reminds us of his punch, wit and the meaningfulness. You can see some of best dialogues from A Aa below.

    Avatali valla aanandam kosam Manam paiki edi visirite
    Dialogues from A Aa
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Chirunavvutho

    Probably Chirunavvutho is one of the earlier films of Trivikram’s career that helped him a lot to cement his place as a dialogue writer in the Telugu film industry. As he himself wrote the story too, the film enabled him to do as much wordplay as possible with the impeccable vocabulary he possesses. Trivikram won Nandi Award for Best Dialogue Writer for this film. Take look at some of the popular dialogues from Chirunavvutho below.

    Sneham librarylo dorike Gauravam maryada Vanta ruchi Oka manishi eppudu Kooturni kante pelli chesi Dveshinchadaniki oka jeevitam Successlo ye vedhavainaa Aadapillani kannavallaki Ullipayalu kosinappudu Kannillu chala Ollu tadavakundaa Pelli anedi Trivikram Srinivas Dialogues from Chirunavvutho - 114834146745140
    Dialogues from Chirunavvutho
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Swayamvaram

    Thanks to director K. Vijay Bhasker, his 1999 film Swayamvaram’ introduced us the extremely talented writer Trivikram Srinivas. In this very first film of his, Trivikram leaves us awestruck with his meaningful, subtle and apt dialogues. Without missing the context, each dialogue of the film digs out pros and cons of the concept of marriage in modern times. Have a look at a few of the best dialogues from Swayamvaram below.

    Pelli anedi oke talupunna Premalo chirakulu parakulu Pelli anedi ento
    Dialogues from Swayamvaram
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Teenmar

    Teen Maar, the film which explores the feeling of pure love that never changes with time has plenty of dialogues which you can store forever. Once again, the wizard of words Trivikram Srinivas strikes with his mark of dialogues in the film. His meticulous observation on the concept of love provides numerous relatable dialogues in the movie. Check out Trivikram’s popular dialogues from Teen Maar below.

    Okasari cheyi pattukunte Karanam leni kopam Andangaa ledani ammani
    Dialogues from Teenmar
  • Trivikram Dialogues in Vasu

    The 2002 film Vaasu, which revolves around the clash between a father and his son whose viewpoints are extremely dissimilar from each other sees many insightful dialogues. Trivikram could pull off several natural conversations with his flawless writing skills. You can see some of the best Trivikram dialogues written for Vaasu below.

    Tandriki, Bhavishyattuki
    Dialogues from Vasu