A Blatant NO To A Good Role Makes Rashmika Incurr Widespread Hatred

A Blatant NO To A Good Role Makes Rashmika Incurr Widespread Hatred

1 Jun 20 @ 3:40 PM | By Team Pycker

It is not a cakewalk to get fame and craze in the industry. From lead actors to character artists, everyone strives to make it to the spotlight. Sadly, some of the actors after hogging the limelight, defame their own image by themselves with their silly acts. Recently, Kannada beauty Rashmika Mandanna too did such a silly act and faced the wrath of trollers.

Of late, many actresses are showing a great deal of interest in doing roles that have scope for performance rather than the typical glam roles. As such roles not only bring their acting prowess to the fore but also help them bag respect among the viewers, many actresses are waiting to grab such offers. But our happening beauty Rashmika has rejected such a golden chance that came down her lane. Not stopping there, she gave a silly explanation for rejecting the role and received flak. 

Going into details, Rashmika was offered to play the female lead in the Hindi remake of Nani's epic sports drama Jersey. The female lead role played by Shraddha Srinath had a strong emotional touch in the film. Any actress who gets such an offer will jump for joy, but Rashmika rejected it. When her fans asked her for a reason, Rashmika said that the character has got deep emotions and she can't pull it off. "I can only take up characters that are within my strength," explained Rashmika. Though she is right with her reason, it did not go well with some sections of netizens who started trolling her for her statements. But, all the trollers should think of how Rashmika breathed life into the character Lilly in the film Dear Comrade and won the appreciation. Well, Rashmika also could not have given such a statement and get herself trolled.

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