Telugu Action Sequences Where Our Heroes Defeated An Army

Telugu Action Sequences Where Our Heroes Defeated An Army

5 Mar 18 @ 7:15 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Heroes are the hunks who will to go to any lengths to get what they want. Sometimes, they use their brain and churn out mind-numbing schemes which aren't always violent. However, some hunks prefer the violent ways and bash the henchmen and villains without caring about the consequences. A typical Telugu hero bashes 10 or more goons about 50 times. But, there are some who bash hundreds of goons in one go. Although it might sound baffling, Telugu Cinema industry has perfected this art where the hero defeats an army. These action-packed sequences, which are crucial to movie plot, will bewilder the viewer. Listed below are such action scenes which will definitely blow your mind away.

  1. Pawan Kalyan in Balu ABCDEFG

    Power Star uses his brain, than brawn, to eliminate innumerable goons of the villain. This scene, which is the climax, occurs when the villain, Gulshan Grover, decides to hunt him down. Due to his injuries, Pawan Kalyan uses various hidden mechanisms to kill the entire force of the villain. After he runs out of tricks, he uses his muscle power to incapacitate the villain.

  2. Mahesh Babu in Pokiri

    Pokiri was a superhit upon its release. Prince Mahesh Babu, who is a cop, goes to the enemy's hideout and proceeds to kill all his goons. The marathon slaughter goes on until he kills every single of them. Then, he concludes his manslaughter by finishing off the mole in the police force, Ashish Vidyarthi.

  3. Chiranjeevi in Stalin

    Megastar Chiranjeevi is a former Major who defends the AP Chief Minister from approximately 300 goons. He heroically defeats all of them by using just two rods. However, due to an injury that he suffered during his service in the army, Chiranjeevi tires out soon. Despite that injury, he bravely defeats all of them.

  4. Ram Charan in Magadheera

    Ram Charan matched the ferocity of Chiranjeevi, his father, when he defeated 100 soldiers in this film. Ram Charan, who is the commander of a royal army, defends the princess, Kajal Aggarwal, from the villain. A army of 100 soldiers are tasked to kill him. Unfazed, Ram Charan kills all of them. However, he succumbs to his fatal injuries that he sustained during the battle.

  5. Balakrishna in Simha

    Nata Simha Balakrishna is a aggressive doctor who takes on the village scoundrel. However, the scoundrel unleashes an army upon him. Fearless Balakrishna kills all of them and mortally injures the scoundrel. However, he dies due to the sustained injuries.

  6. Allari Naresh in Sudigadu

    Sudden Star Allari Naresh is the Assistant Commisioner of Police who hilariously defeats innumerable rogues. In this fight, he spoofs Mahesh Babu, Rajinikanth and other film personalities. The hilarity of this sequence can't be described in words.

    Allari Naresh
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  8. Allu Arjun in S/O Satyamurthy

    Stylish Star Allu Arjun defeats a 600 man army who are, obviously, out to kill him. He proceeds to kill them with a wooden chair leg. Despite sustaining injuries, he defeats most of them. However, the battle suddenly stops when Allu Arjun's on-screen mother arrives on the scene. The film can be watched on

  9. Sampoornesh Babu in Singam123

    In the climax fight, Sampoo kills 1000 people, including the villain. At one point, he runs out of weapons. That is when he uses his secret weapon which is a banana. Using the fruit, he kills some of the goons. He then kills the villain and blows up his lair.

    Sampoornesh Babu