9 Best Videos From Mahathalli Series That Every One Must Watch

9 Best Videos From Mahathalli Series That Every One Must Watch

1 Mar 18 @ 2:01 PM | By Satya

Mahathalli is a Telugu Youtube series in which Jahnavi Dasetty gives a take on various topics. Be it any topic, she makes sure that people connect with the content of that particular video. Her voice and body language along with some quality content made Mahathalli, one of the most loved Telugu Youtubers among Telugu audience. She got over 5 Lakh subscribers in just one year which is incredible. Each and every video she posts has over half million views and there are few videos which have more than a million views.

  1. Amma vs Friends

    Our behavior, when we are with our mother and with our friends in the same situation, is this video is all about!

  2. Restaurants vs Dhaba

    Probably the most hilarious and realistic video of 'Mahathalli.' How we behave in restaurants and in Dhabas is clearly shown in this episode.

  3. Ammalu Vaalla Pelli Godavalu

    If you are a young and independent girl, you will surely relate to this. No matter what you do or what the situation is, mothers end up involving your marriage topic there.

  4. Baddhaka Ratna - Lazy People

    To all the Lazy People out there, this like watching you in the mirror. Too realistic and too hilarious.

  5. Ammaila Shopping Golalu

    This is exactly how women behave while shopping and every girl can relate to this video at some point of time.

  6. Upadhyayulu

    This video is all about our teachers and their universal reactions for all the non-sense we did in our school days.

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  8. RIP English

    How we Indians murder English in various situations is this video is all about. Trust me you will end up loving this video and Mahathalli.

  9. Tagaka Mundhu Tagina Taravata

    This take on how people behave before and after drinking alcohol is too hilarious.

  10. Office Kashtalu

    If you just started working in any organization, you will surely relate to it.