9 Best Krishna Vamsi Movies - Thematic Subject Matters He Discussed

9 Best Krishna Vamsi Movies - Thematic Subject Matters He Discussed

28 Jul 20 @ 3:19 PM | By GitacharYa

Krishna Vamsi! Vamsi Krishna!
One of the very very few filmmakers in Telugu Cinema who commands respect from his peers irrespective of successes and failures, for Krishna Vamsi was never a failure. Failure means giving up one’s values based on situations. And he never did. And he’s not a failure. Only that he failed to connect his subjects to the changing tastes of the audience a few times.

No-compromise! This is what he’s known for. When he didn’t want anything to do with his first film, he left the director’s chair and disowned the film. That film went on to become one of the iconic cult hits. He never regretted. He simply went on about doing another movie. His own movie. Like he wanted to do. Gulabi!

An upcoming hero. A non-glamorous heroine. But he created still trendy romantic thread with them. He envisioned two of the most romantic songs - Ee Velalo Neevu and Meghalalo. Ask any of current generation filmmakers to come up with wildly trendy songs today? They’ll prefer to scrap songs than attempting such.

Can you imagine an actor like Mahesh playing the role of Murari if it’s not for Krishna Vamsi? Brahmaji never received another seriously heroic role than he did in Sindooram. Nobody explored the various angles in Jagapathi Babu as an actor than Krishna Vamsi did. Chakram might be his sweetest failure but the climax is a masterpiece. He doesn’t retreat to weird camera angles to illustrate his technique. The camera just organically moves to envision his vision and gives us some of the most beautiful frames. Even though they’re violent.

Of late Krishna Vamsi is seen more on social media through the posts of his admirers and those who worked with him. But he’s waiting to strike back with Rangamarthanda. With his favourite actor - Prakash Raj.

Today on the occasion of the Krishna Vamsi birthday, we have come up with 9 of his best built films (excuse the weird phrase) and the subjects he dealt with in them. No two movies of his are alike in texture, flavour and form. A truly creative director. A worthy protege of Ram Gopal Varma who actually enhanced the reputation of Varma.

Rakhee - social evils against women Chandamama - Respect for Elders Antahpuram - Reality of factionism Muraari- Human Determination Vs Destiny Sindooram - Naxalism Samudram - deliverance of Justice Nine Pelladutha - Family Relations Gulabi - Human Trafficking Khadgam - Terrorism
Best Krishna Vamsi Movies
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