8 Most Stylish Tollywood Actors Who Give Us Fashion Goals

8 Most Stylish Tollywood Actors Who Give Us Fashion Goals

24 Jan 19 @ 2:25 PM | By Sayanee Gupta

Style is a thing that makes a man look good even in a rag. Well, our Tolly hunks have been the living proof of it. However, our favorite stars didn't just stop there and took their style quotient a few notches higher to give all the Bong guys an impossible fashion goal. These stars not only suit up to look gorgeous, they wear their attitude with their dresses. Here we have noted down the most stylish and best-dressed actors of Tollywood we cannot stop drooling over.

  1. Jeet

    The highest paid star of Tollywood is only climbing the graph of style quotient with his each public appearance. Most of the time, the actor would walk on the red carpet in formal suits, however, he fits in casual wear as well. Check him out in the below picture looking oh-so-hot in traditional attire

    Jeet twitter.com
  2. Prosenjit Chatterjee

    Prosenjit Chatterjee is one who is getting better with his age. The ace actor never fails to make a statement with his outfit. On most occasions, he would be wearing formal suits which only adds to his natural charisma. Check out the image where he goes traditional with total Bangali babu look. And oh boy did he nail it? 

    Prosenjit Chatterjee
    Prosenjit Chatterjee Telegraph
  3. Abir Chatterjee

    Abir is one of them who can make a sack look good and stylish. We have seen him in a simple jeans and T and also in dhoti-clad avatars and did he look awesome in both? You bet. The 'Byomkesh Bakshi' of the silver screen can carry any outfit effortlessly and look enigmatic at almost anything he wears.

    Abir Chatterjee
    Abir Chatterjee twitter.com
  4. Jisshu Sengupta

    There is no doubt that another Satwanweshi of Bangla cinema, Jisshu Sengupta has a perfect dress sense. We love how this talented actor would often experiment with his attires and never disappoint us. From vibrant blazer to an elegant Tux, he sports everything without going wrong. His charming nature adds to his exterior with much perfection.

    Jisshu Sengupta
    Jisshu Sengupta http://www.tellydhamaal.com
  5. Yash Dasgupta

    The new heartthrob of Tollywood has a body to die for. Although the girls go crazy over his shirtless appearance, we can't deny the hunk has a great dress sense and he looks gorgeous in almost everything he wears. Being the cool dude he is, Yash's personal sense of fashion reflects his charming personality.


    Yash Dasgupta
    Yash Dasgupta twitter.com
  6. Dev

    Dev being a hunk has his own style of dressing which reflects his attitude. The 'Chaamp' actor's fashion mantra is to keep it simple. This way he brings a certain touch of comfort and confidence in his appearance. He can be in rugged jeans and yet look quite the stud. The best accessory he wears is his million dollar smile.

    Dev www.sise.in
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  8. Parambrata

    The intelligent actor looks quite a dapper in every appearance. The versatile artist wouldn't shy away from sporting a linen kurta and wear a crisp suit with sophistication. Also, he has been doing great experiments with his hair and beard, which made him stand out in a crowd.

    Parambrata Chatterjee
    Parambrata Chatterjee http://www.navhindtimes.in
    Parambrata Chatterjee
  9. Vikram Chatterjee

    The handsome actor is the new sensation of Tellywood as well as Tollywood. Chatterjee, who would mostly be in cool casuals and break several hearts with a simple smile never misses to sport an elegant watch. We love his outings with jackets and denim. No wonder, he has huge a huge female fan following who go gaga over him.

    Vikram Chatterjee
    Vikram Chatterjee twitter.com